Custom Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI, we don’t just repair your windows and other household glass, we also design custom glass pieces to refresh your home decor. Remodeling your home with glass can give you a bright new look for less money, mess and time than knocking down walls.

If you have a vision of stunning glass shelves to show off your fine china, sized perfectly to fit your dining room wall, we’ll help you realize that vision.

Expand Your Home with Glass

Adding new glass decor, windows, doors and more to your home brings in additional light and brightens the whole room. It also typically makes your rooms look bigger, especially strategically placed mirrors and sliding glass patio doors. The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Highland, MI, are happy to determine just the right specs for your glass design project. We'll recommend specific types of glass best suited to your project, like tinted glass or low emissivity (Low-E) windows, which can increase your comfort and even add to the value of your home. 

Glass Shelving and Tabletops

Shelves and tabletops look great in glass, and are easy to maintain. No matter what shape you need, our glass experts create the pane you need with a range of different customizations such as unique etching and edge finishes. If specialty glass or safety glass, such as laminated or tempered, shatter-resistant glass, is ideal for your custom glass pieces, we can recommend the best type of pane.

Custom-Designed Mirrors

You don't necessarily need to add a room to make your home look more spacious. Let our glass experts create custom mirrors to add to your decor and reflect light into your living space. Mirrors do wonders to emphasize and magnify the space you have. They can make your room look double its size, visually enlarge tight spaces, such as alcoves and entryways, and create the illusion of more windows in your home.


Trust Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI, to replace your broken door glass with contemporary doorlites, and install unique side windows to frame your front door.

Glass insert options include:

  • Decorative door glass with coordinated accent windows
  • Weather-resistant, shatter-resistant glass
  • Frosted or etched glass
  • Energy-efficient glass

Low-E Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) coated windows save you money in the long term, while improving home comfort. Summer utility bills will decrease, furniture will be protected from excessive fading and UV damage, and you'll cut down on glare with a 10% decrease in transmitted light.

Redesign your space using new custom glass pieces, with expert assistance from Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI. Contact us today!