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Highland, MI

Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Whether the decorating style in your Highland, MI, home is eclectic, formal or traditional, the glass items in your home play a major role in illustrating your personal style. When you're looking for a creative way to intensify the impact of your beautiful wood tables, including a custom glass tabletop is a sophisticated solution. Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI, offers an incredible variety of glass tabletops that will revitalize any interior decor. Glass tabletops not only serve as focal points, they complement the decor and amplify light when utilized correctly. The weightless appearance of a custom glass tabletop blends into a room without overwhelming it.


Personalized Service

Graphic of different glass edges

Our design experts provide all of our residential or commercial clients with personalized, on-site consultations. During our visit, we'll help you choose flawless, custom glass tabletops or interior decor pieces. You'll also be offered the options of custom etched, tinted or edge designs. Any safety concerns regarding glass types or thicknesses will also be addressed.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Our custom glass tabletops provide excellent protection for any type or size table, desk or other surfaces, especially if there are pets or younger children in the home. Glass Doctor of Highland, MI, offers custom glass treatments in a wide range of safe edgings and styles. We also custom cut safety glass in any size or shape. Our tinted custom glass tabletops won't hide the beautiful upholstery your dining room chairs.

Custom glass tops are also great for outdoor tables. The weather won't affect them, and they can be cleaned with a garden hose. Our tabletops can be customized to fit everything from tree trunk end tables to a vintage cast iron base.

Your Glass Options

  • Tinted glass: Tinted custom glass tabletops won't hide your beautiful dining room chairs. Our tinted or smoked glass tabletops offer protection against the sun's UV rays, inside and outdoors.
  • Safety glass: We offer a wide range of custom-designed safety and tempered glass made to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor use. Our specialty glass also adds instant elegance and strength to traditional or custom bath and shower enclosures.

Visually Appealing Custom Glass Shelving

Custom glass shelves complement any room. In addition to allowing prized decor pieces to take center stage, they're available in a number of styles. They can be created from clear, patterned or frosted glass. Custom shelving allows you to decide on the length, depth and number of customized shelves that will be most appealing for your wall space.

Form and Function

Adding glass shelving to your business location or home is a creative aspect of interior design. The shelves can be paired with a variety of brackets or custom support systems.

Here are a few design options using our custom glass shelving:

  • Style and design: Customized edging creates an exceptional focal point
  • Height and configuration:


    Hanging a column of glass shelves becomes a singular design statement
  • Number of shelves: Cleverly grouped shelves instantly draw the eye to the contents
  • Glass, tinting and color options: Tinted glass matches or contrasts wall color

Call Glass Doctor of Highland, MI, for a personal, in-home consultation on the many ways our extraordinary custom glass tabletops and interior decor items can add even more beauty to your home. Our custom glasswork, unequaled customer service and honest, up-front pricing always exceeds expectations.