Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

One of the main design elements people notice when they walk into your bathroom is the shower. A lovely glass shower door not only creates a positive first impression, it also makes the room seem larger and brighter than it would if you had simply hung a shower curtain. When you decide that it’s time to update the appearance of your bathroom and want to include a brand new glass shower door or tub enclosure from Glass Doctor® of Highland, MI.

Not only do we have a wide selection of high quality, gorgeous glass shower doors, but you’ll also find out that we’re a great source of information when choosing a new door for your shower, including: design options, how much maintenance different styles require, installation issues and budget friendly glass shower doors. Check out our shower doors gallery to get an impression of the types of glass doors that will match your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Before you choose a glass door for your shower, invite us to consult with you on some basic information, including:

  • Knowing the material used for your bathroom walls. Plaster walls won’t support a heavy glass shower door the way a tiled wall will. Knowing the maximum amount of weight the walls are capable of handing has a huge impact on the doors you will be able to choose from.
  • Having an exact measurement of the total space the door will cover. The size plays a role in how much the glass will cost and install. Our team takes accurate measurements, so you won't have any surprises during installation.

Bathroom Improvement


The sheer number of glass shower doors available at Glass Doctor of Highland, MI will amaze you; we work with a variety of vendors to ensure we provide you with exactly the right door. We go beyond shower and tub enclosures; we easily build upon your shower door ideas into a full bathroom remodel. Contact our team today to realize your design dreams!