Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of The Shenandoah Valley is your one-stop-solution for all of your commercial glass care needs. We offer several programs customized to meet the needs of your exact industry. Our exclusive Commercial Care program gives members access to special members-only pricing, discounted emergency board-up services and priority after-hours response. Regardless of your industry, Glass Doctor of the Shenandoah Valley understands your commercial glass care needs and has a customized solution.

Commercial Glass Care in Shenandoah Valley

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Shenandoah Valley specializes in providing value-added solutions for the property and for the residents. Transform your showers, gyms and locker rooms into a major selling point with our mirror and glass options. If your apartment or condominium has a computer lab or study area, ask us about our options for one way observation glass. Commercial Care customers receive a bonus 15% discount on all auto glass jobs called in by the property, which can be passed onto residents as an added bonus.

apartment windows


In the restaurant business, the ambiance and environment is key. One way to bolster the ambiance and mood of your establishment is with our custom mirrors and custom glass solutions. Ask us to add your logo, address and any other information to your glass storefront, which will improve your overall branding. Our decorative and tinted glass is the ideal solution for atriums, while our elaborate glass doors and effective buffet guards are beautiful additions to any building. Many restaurant owners use glass tabletops to add an element of elegance to the restaurant.

Schools and Universities

Our commercial glass care solutions for schools and universities are designed to increase the safety and help the facility operate more efficiently. When it comes to meeting building codes, our fire-resistant glass always is up to the task. If the school or university wants to raise the building safety standards, our bulletproof glass is the premier solution for creating a safe learning environment. Several schools utilize our one-way observation glass for science labs and for exam rooms in health clinics.


No one wants to shop in a retail location with shabby doors and ragged-looking display shelves. The Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley team are experts in commercial glass care for retail spaces. When it comes to custom glass shelving, we guide you through the entire process. We will make sure you maximize retail space without placing the shelves too close. We also offer heavy glass doors and coordinating door closers. Ask your specialist about our wide array of options for retail store mirrors.

Hotels and Motels

Guests note bathroom luxury or lack-thereof when staying at an overnight lodging establishment. As a result, it's vital your bathrooms stand out for the right reasons. Upgrade your bathrooms without breaking the bank with our wide array of custom heavy glass shower doors. Our experts will guide you through the measurement, installation and maintenance processes. By adding decorative wall mirrors in the bathroom or simply installing a new over the sink mirror, you can breath new life into dated hotel rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

Unlike any other business, cities and municipalities must operate efficiently. Our experts have decades of experience providing state-of-the-art commercial glass care solutions to help your facility operate more efficiently. We offer insulated glass units (IGUs), such as double pane and triple pane windows. These solutions are designed to decrease your heating and cooling bill, while keeping the space more comfortable. We also offer energy-efficient door closers designed to effectively keep as much of your air conditioned or heated air inside as possible.

Use our commercial glass care expertise as a competitive advantage. Contact Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley today for a consultation.