Emergency Business Glass Services

For expert commercial glass repair in an emergency, you need professionals who make your call for aid a priority. Glass Doctor® of The Shenandoah Valley immediately springs to action to solve your broken glass emergency. We rush to your location to protect your business. We’re available 24/7 to serve you with glass replacement or professional temporary board-up and broken glass cleanup.

Preemptive Glass Care

If you prefer to be proactive, we offer an advance preparation for emergencies program. As part of our Advance Measurement system, we will measure and diagram every pane in your building. We map out your business glass needs for the fastest possible future glass repair or replacement.

Advance Measurement for Emergency Glass Repairs

Let Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley prepare your business to spring back immediately after a broken glass emergency. When you sign up, our team comes to your location to diagram your glass needs, including the exact dimensions and type of glass required, such as fire-resistant glass or tinted panes.

Your Emergency Glass Replacement Diagram

In the event of a commercial glass repair emergency, inform Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley of your needs by referring to the coded diagram. We refer to our copy, pulling matching glass from our in-stock supply for immediate, one-service-call replacement. In some cases, a board-up, special glass order and a second visit to replace the shattered glass may be necessary.

Make Sure Your Glass is Always In Stock

Sign up for our In-Stock program and we’ll pre-order specialty glass needed on your business premises, keeping it in stock for future emergency glass replacement. With this service, you avoid board-up and the second visit to install special-ordered glass.

Authorize Credit Pre-Approval

Get credit pre-approval, so future glass restoration work begins immediately and saves you time and paperwork.

Full-Service Commercial Glass Repair Accounts

Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley offers a Commercial Care program with these benefits:

  • Commercial account setup keeps information secure, but instantly accessible when needed.
  • Prompt emergency glass repair, even after-hours, avoids costly business downtime.
  • Glass installation experts assigned to your business mean you don’t need to supervise us while dealing with emergency storm damage, the aftermath of a break-in or theft. We understand your business needs.
  • Reduced price emergency board-ups protect your business until glass is replaced, cost-effectively.
  • Reduced rates save your business money on commercial glass work.

Your broken glass is our problem, when you call Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley. Contact us today!