Double Pane Windows

Windows will eventually wear out over time as they are exposed to Shenandoah Valley's four-season climate. Improperly sealed windows result in drafty spots throughout the home and climate controlled air leaking. Insulated glass units (IGUs), commonly known as double or triple pane windows, keep the home's interior climate balanced and regulated. However, even homes that are equipped with double pane windows experience issues with drafts and air leaks if the seal is broken. Whether your windows have seen better days or have cracked from an accident, count on Glass Doctor® of The Shenandoah Valley to perform first-rate window glass repair or window glass replacement.

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Installing IGUs glass will ensure outdoor air, whether it be hot or cold, remains outdoors and doesn't penetrate the home. This will make the home more comfortable as well as more energy efficient. Homeowners with intact double pane windows depend less upon their heating ventilation and air conditioning system, which reduces the monthly utility costs without compromising comfort.

IGUs ability to maintain climate control is largely attributed to the multi-pane feature. IGUs are built with two or three panes of glass separated with an insulating spacer. The spacer seals the air between each pane, creating a barrier to heat transfer. These spacers are often filled with either a desiccant, which is a material that absorbs moisture or made of a material which doesn't conduct heat. To seal the window, a high-grade sealant is used on the perimeter. This sealant will prevent condensation from building up between the glass panes. Additionally, the space between the glass panes is sometimes filled with krypton or argon gas in order to improve insulation even more.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley is prepared to provide insulated window glass replacement to every homeowner, no matter the age or style of the abode. In some cases, window replacement is not necessary. Our glass specialists install insulated glass pane replacements within your already existing window frames instead, if possible.

For information about our window glass replacement services, contact Glass Doctor of The Shenandoah Valley today. We fix your panes!®

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