Window Repair & Replacement Services in Greenville, SC

A damaged window can make your home uncomfortable and unsafe. Fortunately, you don't have to let this problem linger, Glass Doctor® of Greenville, SC, will repair or replace your window today! When you choose our team you can expect premium service; we deliver on that promise with our flexible scheduling, fair pricing and quality workmanship. Your experience with us will be outstanding from beginning to end because we fix your panes!®

Window Repair

Before we try to do anything else, we will analyze your window to determine whether or not a repair is possible. If it is, we will make your window as good as new.

Emergency Services

Your window can be damaged at any time. Just because your window is broken in the middle of the night doesn't mean that your family should have to sleep in a vulnerable house. Call Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, when your home or business needs emergency window repair. Our on-call specialist will promptly arrive at your location and assess the damage. We will restore your window and clean any broken glass or loose parts up. If you require a complete window replacement or unique panes, our team re-secures your home by boarding up the entire space. After sealing the space, we set up a convenient time for you to have us complete the full window repair or replacement.

Double Pane Window Repair

Window damage isn't always as obvious as shattered glass. Your window's seals may be damaged; this diminishes its ability to stop heat transfer and keep the outside air out of your home. Your heating and cooling system's performance will suffer. Signs of window seal stress include condensation build up in between the panes and a milky build film. In this case, our team at Glass Doctor of Greenville will replace and reseal the panes.

Specialty Glass Repair

We realize that your home's windows are not the only fixtures with glass. We train our team of glass specialists to repair any type of glass in the home, including mirrors, tabletops, doors, cabinets and glass home decor. Ask our specialist about creating custom pieces to add a unique accent to your space.

Window Replacement

Sometimes a damaged window cannot be saved. In this case, we will offer you our full window replacement services. Trust a Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, specialist to always provide the best care no matter the glass type. When facing this type of service, we recommend customers consider upgrades to increase the efficiency of their home.


Irreparable damage isn't the only reason to replace windows. You can also increase your home's safety and comfort by upgrading to new insulated glass units (IGUs). Double pane windows, a type of IGU, improve your home's insulation resulting in a lower energy bill and come with secure lock mechanisms. We also offer low-emissivity glass, which keeps the sun's harmful rays out, further improving your heating and cooling system's performance, while also protecting your interior fabric and furniture.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Our specially made Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant prevents scratches, water, mineral deposits and other factors from damaging your window. It also works on other hard surfaces like granite, tile and porcelain.


To further protect your home from glare and damage, we offer window-tinting services to keep UVA and UVB rays out.

Window Component Repair

Our window repair services aren't limited to glass. If a locking mechanism is damaged or your window is difficult to open, for example, we have the materials and knowledge to fix it.

Gain the Advantage

The Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, Advantage Plan® provides you with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Discounts
  • Free home inspection
  • Glass breakage guarantee

Take advantage of our expertise! Call or fill out our online form to set up an appointment with a Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, specialist.