Custom Glass Solutions Can Transform Your Home

a male Glass Doctor service professional placing a glass tabletop patio door on frame Glass Doctor® of Greenville SC, is known for its close attention to detail in installing high-quality glass in several applications. This quality is most evident in the installation of custom glass decor pieces.

Our experts conduct professional consultations with clients to learn about their need for safer glass options where children or pets are present or determine if installing low-emissivity (Low-E) panes would prove beneficial. Once our glass specialists know your needs, we can discuss the different types of glass home decor options.

Glass Decor Additions

Adding beautiful custom glass decor to your design scheme begins with a consultation from a professional glass specialist. We make recommendations about different styles, tint and edgework detail, but you are always the guiding force. Inquire with one of our Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, experts about all your options.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whether your glass tabletop is broken or you want to protect antique furniture with a pane overlay, our experts will deliver top service. We have the knowledge and experience to help you transform your space into a fresh and modern design. We can add modern glass to new furnishings or your favorite existing pieces. Our specialists will accurately measure your tabletop to fit your glass and consult with you about your many options for designing your custom furniture, including different cuts, shapes and thickness.

Our custom glass decor options do not stop within the home. We know that many families enjoy making the most of their outdoor space. We add custom glass tops to outdoor patio furniture and take the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of breakage. We also replace and install patio doors and windows to further enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Custom shelving can help you add much-needed storage space to your home without interfering with the visual openness of your space. Whether you are looking for a single shelf to enhance the aesthetic quality of your room or if you would like to add multiple custom shelving configurations, custom glass decor options far surpass any option available at big-box stores.

Custom shelving will reflect your style while providing greater functionality in your space. Our Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, can consult about the shelving you want to add to your home or business. You can add custom glass shelving to your home, including in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and closets.

Custom Mirrors

A simple design trick to increase the visual appearance of space is to use a mirror. The light bounces off the glass and makes the area feel larger. Our specialists can discuss available options that will reflect your style. Ultimately, you'll decide the mirror's size, cut and location.

Doorway Décor

Our glass experts replace broken or outdated window panes in external and internal doors. We also help renovate entryways by installing windows on both sides of your doorway so you can make a decorative statement. Our glass insert options always keep safety and practicality in mind.

Efficient Panes

Our Low-E windows help filter out harmful UV rays. Through a special coating, our windows can reduce visible light transmission by an average of 10%. This feature helps to prevent damage to your window treatments, carpet and furnishings.

Book a Custom Glass Solutions Appointment

To learn more about the options for custom glass decor, contact Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, to schedule your professional design consultation.