Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Greenville, SC

Glass Doctor® of Greenville SC, can quickly repair most minor cracks and chips and restore your auto glass’ strength and clarity. We are familiar with the panes of most vehicles on the road today and are able to install or restore your auto glass quickly.

Windshield Care

If you notice your windshield is damaged, there are several reasons why you shouldn't delay in calling Glass Doctor of Greenville SC. The first is safety. Thanks to the strength of modern glass, the windshield makes up a crucial part of your vehicle's structural strength. In fact, the windshield accounts for about 45% of the vehicle's strength in a front-end collision and as much as 65% in the event of a rollover accident. Cracks and chips weaken the windshield, leaving you less protected in a crash.

Another reason to act fast is to increase the chances of a repair being possible. Cracks spread quickly and can soon be too large to safely repair, meaning a more expensive windshield replacement will be necessary. Our auto glass repair specialist can safely fix minor damage before it becomes too severe.

Once you call us for auto glass repair, one of our glass experts will come to your location. The repair will take about 30 minutes; the service will be performed following the strict guidelines and standards of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). Afterward, we'll help you with insurance paperwork to get you the cheapest repair possible. Many insurers waive deductibles for repairs since it will save on a more costly replacement.

Auto Glass Replacement

Unfortunately, not all glass damage can be repaired. If our auto glass repair specialist determines that the damage is too severe, we will have to replace the windshield. We can schedule this service to fit your schedule, but it must be performed in our shop. All or our replacement glass meets original equipment manufacturer standards and we use only the highest quality adhesives and materials to ensure a safe, professional repair.

Unlike the tempered glass found in passenger windows, windshields are made of laminated glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces for safety. Although it's not possible for us to repair chips and cracks in glass other than the windshield, we can replace your vehicle's damaged glass. Examples of tempered glass components include:

  • Side windows
  • Sunroof glass
  • Rear windshield
  • Quarter glass

Auto Care After Service

If you call on our team to replace your damaged windshield, you'll receive our Windshield Protection Plan. For a period of 12 months after the replacement, we'll repair chips and cracks free of charge. The guarantee also covers a single windshield replacement if necessary. For added protection and savings, ask about our Future Installation Plan that covers the cost of labor and additional materials. Keep your glass clear no matter the weather with our Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment. This protects your windshield against scratches and abrasions and increases overall glass clarity.

Don't let auto glass repair get you down. At the first sign of trouble, call Glass Doctor of Greenville SC, and let us fix the problem fast.