Double Pane Window Services for Greenville

When it comes to energy efficiency, window experts recommend insulated glass units (IGUs). Double pane windows, a type of IGU, keep your home or office at comfortable temperatures. They block out heat in the summer and keep away drafts during the winter. More importantly, they save you money on your energy bill.

Glass Doctor® of Greenville, SC, specializes in double pane window replacement. If moisture is ever trapped between your window panes, our experts can fix the seal or offer replacement options if needed.

Insulated Glass Units

double pane window

Aside from having updated designs, modern windows are engineered with savings, noise reduction and weather resistance in mind. The long-term benefits of window replacement, such as energy savings and increased comfort in your home, outweigh the initial cost of installation.

Modern windows are built with double or triple glass panes that prevent the transfer of heat from flowing into or out of your home. Ask your window replacement expert for windows with a super spacer, proven to reduce the conductivity between panes and absorb condensation. Every pane we install is sealed with a high-grade sealant to add one more layer of protection from condensation impairment. 

Signs of Seal Failure

Sometimes, the seal holding the two glass panes breaks. This allows outside air and moisture to get into that space, resulting in a foggy or milky appearance. If you have blown a seal, the fog or condensation most likely will not disappear even when you wipe the glass.

If these red flags seem to be appearing on your double pane window, replacement is most likely in order. Although IGUs are built to last, substandard installation or materials can cause them to break more quickly.

Window Glass Care

In many cases, we can save you money by replacing just the glass and leaving the window unit in place. You don’t always have to replace your entire window.

For double pane window replacement services, call the experts at Glass Doctor of Greenville, SC, at (864) 288-7790 for a consultation. Our specialists will perform a thorough inspection to make sure you don’t have to spend a penny more than needed.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.