Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Greenville, SC

Renew your dining area and make clean up a breeze with custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor® of Greenville. Glass tabletops add elegance and modern beauty to any space.

Rely on our Glass Expertise

Glass Doctor of Greenville will work closely with you through each step of the installation process, starting with a professional in-home consultation. Our glass specialists will take expert measurements and help you to make the best decision regarding the thickness, edgework detail and tint of your tabletop glass. We will also discuss any safety concerns you might have.

Custom glass tabletops are the perfect solution for dining room tables, coffee tables, desks, antiques and conference room tables. Glass Doctor of Greenville offers glass tabletops in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and edgework finishes so that you end up with a piece that is truly unique.

Extra Protection for Your Valuable Furniture

In order to make your custom glass tabletop suite your needs, we offer a variety of glass options.

  • Tinted glass: Tinted glass helps to block damaging UV rays and prevents your furniture from fading.
  • Safety glass: Patio tables, poolside furniture and other outdoor pieces require specialty safety glass. Glass Doctor of Greenville offers custom safety glass, including laminated and tempered glass, which is specifically designed to break into manageable chunks, rather than small, dangerous shards.

Custom Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass shelving is a beautiful and functional addition to your home or business. Store-bought options simply do not provide the crisp, fitted style of custom-made pieces. Custom glass shelving is the perfect solution for any room and Glass Doctor of Greenville will install them anywhere, from closets to kitchen, providing knowledgeable advice regarding:

  • Style and design
  • Height and configuration
  • Distance between shelves and number of shelves
  • Tinting and color

There is no need to settle for store-bought pieces when Glass Doctor of Greenville will help you create beautiful customized storage solutions. Contact our team for your in-home consultation.