Security Film

What are the windows and glass doors on your commercial property doing to keep your employees, customers and property safe from the elements, accidents and intruders? The security film at Glass Doctor® of Elkhart gives you a simple, cost-effective solution that enhances the safety of the glass in a building without compromising its appearance. By choosing a tinted film, you’ll also enjoy energy savings.

Upgrade Your Windows with Security Film

Our security film is tear-resistant, so glass does not shatter upon impact. This feature discourages those who want to break into a building because the film holds the glass together, making intrusions more difficult.

Similarly, security window films give the interior of your building and employees added protection in the event of an accidental impact or severe weather. It’s important to note, however, that security films and window films do not protect buildings against high winds or wind-borne debris.

Additional features of window security films include:

  • Impact-resistance: When glass breaks, window films reduce the risks posed by glass shards.
  • Privacy: Tinted security films darken windows, giving customers, employees and sensitive information added privacy from the outside world.
  • Reduce vandalism costs: If your building experiences graffiti, window cleanup is as simple as removing the affected security films and replacing them. Some business owners find this to be a faster and more cost-effective solution to replacing windows or scraping off the paint.

Save Energy and Increase Productivity with Security Film

When natural light fills a space, workers feel more content, energized and awake. Tinted security film gives your building added protection against window breaks and damaging UV rays from the  sun.

The tinted film at Glass Doctor of Elkhart reduce conditions that prompt you or your workers to close window blinds such as, heat gains in certain spaces, sunlight in the eyes (when the sun sets), or glare from computer monitors.

Window films block up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and up to 99% of UV rays while allowing natural light to flood a room. Our glass specialists are familiar with Indiana laws regarding visible light transmission levels and commercial window tinting. Therefore we make sure your building remains compliant with state and local regulations.

When your windows block UV rays and reduce glare, your business will also benefit from:

  • Improved comfort levels: Tinted security films reduce energy transfers, so windows don’t cause rooms to feel as warm during the summer or cold during the winter. This advantage allows your employees to work in spaces that they would otherwise avoid due to uncomfortable temperatures.
  • Improved energy performance: When tinted window film reduces energy transfers, the building’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain constant comfortable temperatures. When you lighten the HVAC system’s load, you use less energy.
  • Protect property from discoloration and fading: With time, items exposed to sunlight fade and discolor. These items include merchandise, flooring, art, documents and furniture. Security film blocks UV rays so your property is less vulnerable to damage caused by sunlight and you’ll save on replacement costs!

Make the windows and glass doors on your commercial property work for you with Glass Doctor of Elkhart’s security film! Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation to learn more about the benefits and options available.