Door Closer Repair Service

Maintaining low operability costs is a mission critical task for many businesses. Glass Doctor® of Elkhart recognizes that controlling expenses determines your profitability, and we provide commercial door closer repair service that support that goal. The accumulated energy wastes, safety risks, and lack of security that result from improperly working door closers combines to create a situation that siphons away your earnings and increases business liability. Our experts conduct timely, professional repairs that eliminate door closer problems and the costs they generate.

Common Problems

Door closer issues stem from four major problem areas:

  • Improperly installed closers: Closers that feature the correct size, type, and load-bearing capacity, but that were installed incorrectly.
  • Wrong size or type of closer: An inadequate design or weight rating for the door causes extreme wear and tear, such as oil leakages and broken internal components.
  • Accidental damage: Typically caused by improper use, exposure to excessive moisture, or severe weather.
  • Normal wear and tear: With regular maintenance, the lifespan of most commercial door closers is approximately ten years.

We offer commercial door closer repair service that eliminates these issues, along with the additional costs and the security and liability risks they create.

Closer Issues and Risks

Most commercial door closers operate using mechanical parts, compressed air or a basic hydraulic component. The closer transfers the weight and momentum of the door as it swings, reducing the effort required to open it, and then ensures that the door closes steadily and completely. Unreliable door closers generate serious risks and costs. Issues include:

  • Structural damage: Constant, excessive stress on the hinges reduces their lifespan, and the uneven weight caused by an improperly functioning closer may eventually damage the door frame and structural components, resulting in excessive repair costs.
  • Increased liability: Broken door closers behave erratically, often causing unexpected swing-backs that pose a very real threat to users, especially at public entrances and exits.
  • Security gap: Often a damaged door closer will prevent full contact with the frame, hindering the door's locking mechanism.
  • Increased heating and cooling costs: Open doors and gaps require your HVAC system to work harder and run for longer periods, generating daily cost increases.

Our commercial door closer repair service solves these issues using preventative maintenance strategies and current industry guidelines for commercial door closer repair.

Superior Service

Our professionals conduct repair service that conforms to the closer's manufacturer warranty, solving mechanical problems caused by leaking gaskets, oxidized parts or a general lack of maintenance. We also simplify vendor processes by performing the compliance paperwork for you.

Contact Glass Doctor of Elkhart today to schedule your consultation and restore the safety and security of your commercial property.