Central Carolina's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

Broken glass is a serious emergency which impairs the safety of your business. Glass Doctor® of Central Carolina provides you with emergency business glass care to reestablish security. We know glass doesn't break on a schedule, which is why we provide our services 24/7. When we show up at your business, we perform an emergency board-up and clean up the site. We will measure the size of the new pane and schedule a follow-up appointment with you for rapid, professional glass repair and replacement.

Fast Emergency Repairs

Signing up for our Advance Measurement system is the best way to preemptively handle broken glass. When you sign up for Advance Measurement, our specialists measure all your building's glass and create a labeled diagram. If glass breaks, call us immediately. Rely the number of the broken pane according to your diagram. We'll check the pane you require against our inventory. If we have the correct pane in stock, we will replace the pane in one visit. A single repair appointment will deliver practical benefits. It is the best option for your business' budget and reputation. If you give us your credit and contact information when you establish your Commercial Care account, that will also expedite the process.

Long waits for emergency business glass care compromise your business' security and customer impression. Upon signing up for Advance Measurement, you take steps to protect your business before your glass is damaged. If you have glass that's frequently damaged in your business, ask about our In-Stock Replacement program. We'll keep glass on hand for you that meets the dimensions of your most commonly-broken panes, and we'll be ready to replace it whenever you need it.

Commercial Care

We offer our Commercial Care program to businesses of every size. The Commercial Care program reduces the financial strain glass damage puts on your company without compromising the level of care you experience. We provide you with discounts on emergency board-up services and offer you membership pricing on all services.

Your business' glass can break at any time. Enrolling in our business service programs protects your business from the worst effects of glass damage. Count on Glass Doctor of Central Carolina to deliver a perfect solution for broken panes. Contact us today!