Double Pane Window Services for Central Carolina

Throughout the course of a year, a home can experience a wide range of temperature changes. These changes put stress on the windows, which are the primary means of temperature exchange for a building. When windows aren't sealed properly, they leak out climate-controlled air, leaving a home drafty.

Glass Doctor® of Central Carolina offers insulated glass units, or IGUs, to balance and regulate the climate in Dunn homes. It's important to remember that double pane windows, which are a kind of insulated glass, can still have issues if the seals are broken. Clouded glass or condensation build up under the panes can be indications of broken panes in your home.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

An insulated glass window consists of a minimum of two pieces of glass and, as the name suggests, an insulating space that separates the panes. This pocket of air is sealed and, in some instances, filled with an inert gas. The component that seals the pocket is called a spacer, it is filled with moisture absorbent material or is made from absorbent material.

The primary benefit of insulated glass is to lower heat transfer, resulting in a comfortable, energy efficient home. In the winter, IGUs minimize heat transmittance to maintain an even temperature. In the summer, IGUs decrease heat gained from the outside. With IGUs, you won't have to run the heating and air-conditioning systems as often, saving energy and money.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Central Carolina is experienced at replacing all sorts of double pane windows in the greater Dunn area. The good news is that a broken window doesn't always involve replacing the entire window. Depending on the nature of the issue, our glass specialists may be able to install insulated glass in an existing frame, which will save you quite a bit of money. Our team will complete a full analysis before starting the job so that you know exactly what to expect.

When you're in need of a double pane window replacement for your Dunn home, don't put off the work. The longer you wait to fix a window, the more expensive the consequences. Don't compromise your family's comfort or safety. Call 910-292-4010 and we'll set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.