Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Central North Carolina

Gain the competitive edge with the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Central Carolina. This innovative solution is the best glass care solution on the market.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Our disaster recovery plan starts with a careful survey of your business. Glass Doctor of Central Carolina experts take exact measurements of all of the windows, doors and glass products throughout the facility. We document this information, create an intuitive survey of your business and assign a number for each pane for care simplicity.

When your business suffers glass breakage, contact Glass Doctor of Central Carolina. Instead of having to provide the intricate details, you only need to provide the number from the diagram. We keep a large amount of glass in stock through our proactive glass care plan, which reduces the likelihood of having to deal with a board up. Most customers enjoy a complete installation in a single visit, which saves money, time and protects the impression of the brand. Savvy business owners choose to pre-establish contact information and credit information to further expedite the replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If your business has glass that breaks regularly, our In-Stock option is the most proactive glass care measure you can take for your business.

Benefits of Advance Measurement System

Customers who choose our Advance Measurement system enjoy a proactive glass care solution with several benefits, including:


Advance Measurement customers often enjoy a complete installation in one trip, which can save hundreds of dollars.

Business Continuity

The Advance Measurement system prevents the likelihood of the accident interrupting the daily transactions of your business.

Brand Image Protection

Board-ups and damaged storefronts will deter customers from ever entering your business. Our protective glass care plans are designed to prevent the use of board-ups and protect the integrity of your brand.

Reduced Liability

Damaged glass in your business can result in lawsuits if your employees or customers are harmed. Our Advance Measurement system is designed to quickly rectify the problem to reduce your overall vulnerability.

Increased Safety

A damaged or broken storefront gives vandals and thieves easy access to your shop. Protect your business with our assistance.

Although accidents are bound to happen, the best solution is to have a proactive glass care solution in place. Contact Glass Doctor of Central Carolina today to schedule a complimentary inspection.