Custom Glass Solutions in Central Carolina

Glass Doctor® of Central Carolina has more services than just auto and commercial glass. Our team of glass specialists also works with glass home decor. If you have a home improvement project that needs an expert eye, call our team to find out what we can do for you. We create tabletops, shelves, mirrors, windows and glass doors for your Dunn home. 

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Let our glass specialists come to you and discuss your needs for tabletops and glass shelves. Replace existing glass or work on a custom project. The professional consultation will cover:

  • Safety options: Tempered or laminated glass, UV protecting tints and coats
  • Cuts: Shape, size and thickness
  • Finishes: Edgework detail, specialty glass

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have become one of the most talked about items in today’s interior decor. They add light, create the illusion of space and act as an accent to any room. Our specialists are able to do custom mirror projects, whether its glass backing in a wall cabinet, filling an existing frame you’d like to use or creating a frameless mirror that fits a specific size need.

Doors and Windows 

Glass Doctor of Central Carolina works with you to repair, replace or custom design glass for doors and windows. Communicate with our team your home’s needs, and we will work to fulfill them. Some options to consider are:

  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass: Protect interiors and fabrics from harmful UV rays.
  • Glass inserts with specialty options: Double-pane windows with sliding blinds, decorative glass, all-weather glass, energy-efficient glass or hurricane-rated glass area few options we offer homeowners.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E glass reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home using thin metallic coatings. This allows it to protect home interiors from sun damage, and increase climate efficiency, which can increase your home’s value and save you money.

Glass Decor Specialists 

Glass Doctor of Central Carolina proudly serves Dunn and the surrounding area. We also work with numerous vendors to provide you with faster service and acquisition of the items you need to complete your home projects. Contact our team if you’re ready to work on the glass pieces in your home.