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Door Closer Repair Service

Your customers might not notice when your doors open smoothly and close quietly, but they will certainly pay attention when they do not. A poorly maintained door contributes to tripping, stumbling and awkward entrances. At Glass Doctor® of Central Carolina, we understand your door is the gateway to your business. We provide manual door closer repair and maintenance services to keep your doors operating smoothly and safely for a welcoming first impression.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer gives a heavy door its smooth, fluid opening and closing motion. When your closer is properly installed and maintained, a person who pushes your door feels a slight resistance followed by a smooth, gliding, almost effortless sensation. After moving beyond the door, a spring within the closer allows the arm to gently, quietly close the door.

Door Closer Repair

We rely on professional knowledge and specialized tools to ensure your doors operate properly. We install and maintain your door closers and adjust springs to increase closer life expectancy and prevent problems.

Incorrect Door Closers

To function properly, heavy doors require strong closers and springs. When your closers aren't sturdy enough, everyday use can cause door and frame misalignment and damage. These conditions produce safety risks for your employees and customers.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Even when you have the right door closer, improper installation or spring adjustment can cause doorframe damage, unexpected door movements and door misalignment.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Regular door closer repair and maintenance are crucial to problem prevention. Regular care prevents and controls failed seals, lubricant leaks, missing screws, broken O-rings and a variety of crucial issues. Proper door closer maintenance also resolves hard openings, quick closings and other door hazards that can result in injuries.

Locking Difficulties

When your door is difficult to lock, it leaves your business vulnerable to outside intruders. Efforts to force a locking mechanism to work may damage your door frame and waste your time.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

At Glass Doctor of Central Carolina, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your door closers mechanically sound and functioning safely. Our specialists undergo rigorous training to master proper door closer installation, maintenance and repair techniques. That’s important to you because service by an untrained person may jeopardize your door closer warranty. We also install, repair and service door frames, windows, door glass, hinges and thresholds. We meet your full range of entryway maintenance needs.

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Your door welcomes customers to your business. It’s important to keep it operating smoothly and safely. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our professional door closer services, contact Glass Doctor of Central Carolina at 910-292-4010.