Custom Cut Glass in Middle Georgia

When seeking to beautify and personalize your home decor, you should not overlook the unique touch that high-quality custom cut glass products can bring. Glass Doctor® of Middle Georgia has long served Dublin, GA and surrounding areas with customized, quality glass tabletops, mirrors, door glass and more. They have the experience and conscientious care that it takes to transform a room, home or office into a veritable work of art that you will be proud to call your own.

Glass Table Tops

Our glass comes in an impressive array of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and tints. Your glass can be cut in the exact dimensions you prefer and made safer and more attractive with an edge-work finish of your choice. The glass can also be tempered and laminated to further increase the safety level. Our specialists will come to your home or business and measure every relevant nook and cranny to ensure a perfect fit.

Common glass table top shapes include round, oval, rectangular and square. Thicknesses often range from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. Polished surfaces, appealing tints, and beveled edges are all typical features. It is popular to place photographs, murals or other designs below the translucent glass for crystal-clear viewing. The possibilities are nearly endless, and you are limited by little more than your own imagination. The skilled specialists at Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin, GA will be able to explain to you your many options and carefully craft your glass table top, making your vision a reality

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving presents an enormous array of options to the home or business owner. The features of the glass itself vary as much as with tabletops, but further variations also come into play. The shelves can be mounted with metal brackets or with natural wood blocks. Rows of shelving can be arranged symmetrically or fanned-out, wall-mounted or free standing. Cubicles, triangular corner-pieces, slants and curves, and full-scale bookcases are all possible. Our team will help you design and create a unique glass shelving arrangement that will bring your bedroom, bathroom, home office or display area to life.

Custom Mirrors

Decorative mirrors can cover large stretches of wall and give a room the appearance of being much larger than it is. Combined with effective lighting, mirrors can use their reflective power to brighten an entire room. Even in larger areas, their exquisite framing and etched edges can significantly contribute to the beauty of the overall decor.

Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin, GA has a team of specialists who will assist you in making an informed decision on how best to use mirrors to enhance the spaciousness and beauty of any room or interior area. 

Patio and French Doors

We also specialize in installing and repairing high-quality French and patio glass doors. Matching side-windows, bright, but pleasant door glass, sliding blinds, weather-resistant glass, hurricane-rated lamination and energy-saving designs are all part of our repertoire. Our specialists will assist you with all of your glass doors needs and emergency repair calls are welcome 24/7.

Low-E Glass Windows

Besides table tops and mirrors, we also offer an impressive selection of other glass-based products for your home or office. Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows can drastically cut down on the harmful effects of UV-light, protecting the building's contents from fading prematurely and increasing energy efficiency. French and patio glass doors can also save you on energy while standing up to the weather and adding much to the beauty of your home.

Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin, GA will perform all jobs with the utmost efficiency and craftsmanship. Call us today or schedule and appointment with our glass specialists.