Custom Mirrors in Middle Georgia

Custom mirrors have the power to transform any room in your home, making the space more comfortable and welcoming. The right glass decor in the right place will open up the space, creating depth and directing the natural light in an appealing way. At Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia, our specialists have years of experience providing clients with unique custom mirrors, along with crucial information on how to use them to the greatest effect.

Mirrors Made to Enhance Every Room

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

By reflecting walls, ceilings and natural light, a strategically placed custom mirror will make an otherwise small space appear much more open and spacious. It works wonders in halls and entryways, but the possibilities are endless! Custom mirrors open up any room to make it more inviting. Talk to our team today to learn more about the strategic custom mirror placement, with options that include:

  • Mirrored walls: Make a short or narrow hallway appear much larger and more open
  • Mirrored backsplash: Create a sense of depth in a kitchen
  • Statement mirrors: Place above a fireplace or headboard to emphasize the space

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Draw attention to your home's existing decor! Our specialists will design and cut a custom mirror to your exact specifications. Choose among a vast selection of tints, edges, frames and finishes for mirrors that blend in seamlessly with your home's art and decor, such as:

  • Mirrored shelves: Create a panoramic view of sculptures, art pieces and collectibles
  • Hanging mirrors: Direct natural light to emphasize art and decor
  • Framed mirrors: Add a splash of light to walls containing framed art and photos.

Enhance Natural Light in Your Home

From the sun's natural light to the artificial light of a lamp or lantern, custom mirrors improve the lighting throughout every room in your home. Mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors are great for rooms with little to no natural light, including basements and dark hallways. Other ideas include:

  • Bedroom mirrors: Reflect the light to create a more comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom
  • Mounted mirrors: Magnify the illumination from desk and floor lamps to brighten up dark spaces

Mirrors Made to Impress

There are many applications for full-length mirrors. In bedrooms, closets and entryways, they give you a top-to-bottom look at your clothing before you head out the door. Talk to the team at Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia about full length custom mirror options:

  • Framed mirrors: Add a splash of sophistication in the bedroom or bath area with frames that accentuate your existing architecture
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: make it easy to try on clothing before you leave, or place in an entryway to welcome guests into your home

When it comes to custom mirrors, the options are endless. To learn more, contact Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia today. Our specialists will provide a professional consultation and take detailed measurements to help your find the perfect custom mirrors and glass decor for your space.