Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Middle Georgia

Cracked glass is a serious problem for your vehicle. The strength of a windshield accounts for approximately 45% of the cabin support in a car, truck or SUV during a head-on collision; that number jumps to 60% if the vehicle experiences a; rollover accident. Additionally, your vehicle's back and side windows, as well as its mirrors, are vital to seeing other vehicles. Glass Doctor® of Middle Georgia in Dublin will repair or replace any damaged auto glass no matter the make or model of your vehicle.


Some windshields can be repaired, while others should be replaced entirely for the safety of the vehicle. One of our glass specialists will help you make this determination. Typically, cracks or chips in the laminated glass of a windshield are repaired in about an hour, and insurance will usually cover the cost. Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin handles all the insurance  paperwork for you, so your experience is hassle-free.

Installing a new windshield is a more complicated process. Our specialists always keep in mind newer technology integrated into; windshields, including radio antennas, weather sensors; and temperature gauges. Our team performs every auto glass service; in accordance with Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) standards. We only use industry-standard adhesives to attach the new windshield, and we ensure the new windshield uses glass that's on par with the Original Equipment Equivalent's (OEE) materials.

Auto Glass Replacement

Most modern vehicles use tempered glass for the back windshield, the passenger windows  and the sunroof. Tempered glass doesn't behave like a windshield's laminated glass. For safety reasons, the tempered glass in modern vehicles shatters completely on impact, to avoid the creation of dangerous shards. So whenever a tempered glass is damaged, it must be completely replaced.

When Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin specialists replace your vehicle's tempered glass, we provide a thorough consultation and a price estimate for the work before we begin. We also work with most automobile insurance, making us an excellent choice for your auto glass care needs.

Auto Glass Protection

Every windshield replacement is guaranteed. Consider upgrading your protection to our Value Package. This ensures that if your windshield is damaged within the next year, any labor costs will be covered. You'll also get new windshield wipers, and the new windshield will be treated with a hydrophobic coating glass protectant. A hydrophobic coating is a single, long-lasting treatment added to glass, which makes it resistant to staining, mineral deposits; and environmental pollutants. This makes it easier to see through the windshield in hazardous weather conditions, so the vehicle is safer to drive.

Don't risk driving with damaged auto glass. Call Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin today, and we'll walk you through your best options for a vehicle.