Custom Glass Solutions in Crown Point, IN

Glass Doctor® of Crown Point customizes glass decor in your home with skill and style. Our specialists are trained to work with a variety of surfaces; we customize shelves, mirrors, doors and tabletops. Options like low-emissivity (Low-E) glass are available to keep UV rays from fading your home decor. Glass Doctor of Crown Point offers a variety of glass solutions for homes throughout Schererville, St. John and Crown Point.

Home Accents

Glass Tabletops

Several areas of your home may be updated or replaced with glass to create accents that make your home decor stand-out. Particularly appealing, glass tabletops add to the aesthetics of any room in your house. Specialists create these tables by cutting glass to one of the many different shapes and to fit practically any table frame.

To make the glass tabletops even more unique, we add detailed edging. The thickness and type of glass are factors our specialists will discuss with you. Tempered and laminated glass are resistant to damage, these types of glass are excellent safety precaution for homes with small children or pets.


Make storage space appealing with custom built glass shelves for any room. Ask our specialist to install glass shelves in rooms you need storage space but want to maintain aesthetic appeal.


Mirrors also add a nice touch to home decor. Instead of limiting your mirrors to the typical hardware store variety, you can make them customized pieces guests will notice.

Window Glass

Windows play an important part in every home. It's surprising how much damage UV rays can do over time. Carpet begins to lose its original color, couches look older than they are and other home decor fades. Low-E panes reduce the transmission of harmful light by almost 10%, keeping all of your home furnishings looking like new. These panes let in the light, but reduce the passage of UV rays and prevent a distracting glare. After our specialists install a pane with a Low-E coating, you will notice a change in your home's interior temperature consistency. Although sunlight comes through the windows to brighten up your home, the heat is kept outside. Your energy costs will be much lower, and your home more comfortable.

Glass Doors

Glass Doctor has specialists experienced in the restoration and replacement of glass doors. Spruce up your entryway or repair any broken glass, and watch your home increase in value. Upgrades like energy-efficient glass and all-weather glass keep your home comfortable year-round. Decorative glass brings an attractive touch to the exterior of your home.

Glass Doctor is the solution to your home's glass needs. Contact us for more information from our glass experts.