Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Crown Point, IN

If your furniture needs a refresh, consider the potential of custom glass. At Glass Doctor® of Crown Point, our glass specialists offer a variety of custom-made glass tabletops for local homes. These ultra-modern, protective surfaces are great ways to upgrade your home and keep your family safe and happy. You choose the shape, size, color, and safety features, and our team will get to work on a one-of-a-kind glass tabletop for you.

Protect Your Valuable Furniture

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass is a great companion piece for wood, tile and other porous furniture materials. At Glass Doctor of Crown Point, we use glass to maximize the beauty of countless other surfaces. If you have a wooden table that is vulnerable to scratches and stains, protect it without hiding the details that make it so valuable. Coffee tables, dining room tables, kitchen tables, and side tables are great candidates for custom glass tabletops. These durable, easy-to-clean surfaces will fit right over your existing tables and preserve their features.

Cut Down on Cleaning

Of course, you also reduce your maintenance needs when you replace or cover your porous surfaces with glass. Glass doesn't need to be refinished or re-stained after time passes, and you don't have to use harsh cleaning solutions to remove or prevent spills. It resists water, especially if you treat it with our exclusive hydrophobic coating glass protectant. Instead of scrubbing, simply wipe down your glass tabletops with water and use soap if needed.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

We also customize glass tabletops for patio furniture, from side tables to outdoor dining sets. Glass Doctor of Crown Point uses specialty safety glass in our outdoor furniture pieces, including tempered or laminate tabletops that are designed to withstand high force. If these glass tabletops do break, they won't shatter into sharp, dangerous shards. We are serious about your outdoor safety, and our specialists will even install poolside patio furniture with shatterproof glass.

Transform Your Storage with Glass Shelves

Custom glass tabletops aren't the only glass surfaces that we offer at Glass Doctor of Crown Point. Our specialists also install custom shelving, including replacement shelves for existing units and floating shelves that help you maximize wall space. Glass shelves also offer better views of your artwork and the walls behind them, because they allow light to pass right through them. Schedule an in-home design consultation to learn how we would use glass to maximize your vertical storage space and show off your belongings from every angle.

Choose to Add Glass

At Glass Doctor of Crown Point, we want to make sure every client makes the most of their living area. Custom glass tabletops are valuable investments that upgrade your existing furniture and elevate the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact us today to request a consultation with one of our talented glass specialists.