Crown Point's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

At Glass Doctor® of Crown Point, we believe you should never have to wait to have a broken door pane or window repaired or replaced. As business owners ourselves, we understand broken glass at your establishment can cause security concerns and employee safety issues. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency glass repair service, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If a repair cannot be done immediately, we offer emergency board-up and a measuring service for replacement glass to be installed as soon as possible.

Faster Emergency Repairs

We stock the most popular sizes of commercial replacement glass and can replace your broken window or door on the spot. Vandalism, storm damage, employee accidents can happen at any time of the day or night. When they do, call in our experts to put your business back on track in the shortest time possible.

We have a custom glass shop with highly trained, experienced glass specialists, and we’re the leading glass repair and replacement company in the greater Schererville, St. John and Crown Point areas.

Advance Measurement System

We offer an affordable, pro-active way for your business to include glass repair and replacement in its emergency recovery plan. We survey and measure all glass planes in the windows and doors of your facility, record the type of glass needed and note any safety glass code requirements. A diagram with the numbered location of each pane is then generated. If a piece of glass breaks, call us any time night or day to report the number of the pane needed. If the glass is in stock, we will immediately replace the broken piece without the need for a board-up.

The benefits of enrolling in our Advance Measurement program as part of your emergency glass repair strategy are many:

  • You save money by having the installation done in one trip
  • It’s convenient and guarantees you an uninterrupted business day
  • The risk of customer injury is reduced
  • It reduces unnecessary and inconvenient board-ups
  • Pre-establishing your credit eliminates billing conflicts

Safety and security should never be compromised and planning ahead makes good business sense. Act today and schedule an advance measurement inspection, protecting your business before disaster strikes.

We also offer an in-stock program where we’ll keep extra glass on hand specifically for those occasions when your business needs a quick turnaround on window, door or other glass repair or replacement.

Commercial Care

For additional peace of mind, we offer businesses the opportunity to join our Commercial Care program. The program is designed to save your business time and money by offering you priority after-hours response, skilled specialists dedicated to your business, discounted emergency board-up services and more. Talk to one of our business glass experts today to learn about this valuable service and all it can do for you.

Your business is a valuable investment that deserves comprehensive and unconditional security and safety protection. Glass Doctor of Crown Point is here for all of your commercial glass repair and replacement needs. Contact us today to discover how our emergency glass repair programs can keep your business operating at peak performance. We look forward to hearing from you!