Windshield Repair and Replacement

At Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH, we have the ability to repair most windshield chips and cracks. Exceptions are if the damage is in a bad location or if the crack is no longer than three inches. In these cases, a replacement will be necessary in order to prevent a compromise in the structural integrity of your vehicle.

In deciding whether windshield repair or replacement is the most prudent course of action, here are a few factors to consider:

Size: To maintain the structural integrity of the windshield, chip damage larger than the size of a quarter cannot be repaired and we suggest that the windshield be replaced.

Location: Cracks in close proximity to your windshield's edge or that have started to splinter towards the windshield's edges are not good candidates for windshield repair and should be replaced. The same goes for even small chips or cracks located within the driver's line of sight. Repairs of this type may not cure clearly or may leave an outline of the repair area; these windshields also require replacement.

Time: A successful repair job depends on accomplishing the windshield repair before too much time has passed since the damage occurred. Exposure to dirt and environmental elements over time may turn a once possible windshield repair job into a needed windshield replacement.

We work with most major auto insurance companies and we will even submit the claim forms for you! Contact your agent to verify coverage beforehand. Don’t let a damaged windshield reduce the strength and integrity of your vehicle’s windshield and risk the safety of you and your passengers.

Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is preferable to replacement, if possible, and our specialists will always consider this as the first option. Advantages to repairing include:

  • It's more convenient, with most repair jobs completed in about an hour
  • It's much less expensive to repair a windshield than to replace it
  • Because of the dollar savings of repair rather than replacement, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and absorb the entire cost of the repair
  • Repairing keeps one more large item from being carted off to the landfill, representing a definite plus for the environment

To properly complete a windshield repair, our glass specialists will clean the damaged area thoroughly, sometimes drilling a channel to accept the liquid resin that will be applied. Once injected and cured, the resin repair is polished to a clean, clear finish.

Windshield Replacement

Sixty percent of a vehicle's integrity and strength during a rollover accident can be attributed to having an intact windshield.For a successful windshield replacement, the old windshield is carefully removed to avoid any damage and a new windshield, matching Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality, is installed. Only industry-approved materials and adhesives are used and the industry’s best practices are employed. A Windshield Protection Plan is then applied and explained to the customer. For more information about our one-time-only windshield guarantee, please visit the Windshield Protection Plan page.

When deciding whether to repair or replace your windshield, rely on Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH. Call today or schedule an appointment online!