Advance Measurement System

When your business has a glass emergency, you need help fast. Waiting to make repairs can be costly. Customers, staff and your business security are at risk when glass breaks. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH has a business recovery plan that will prepare you for any glass damage. Stay ahead of emergencies with our Advance Measurement system. Once our team has carefully noted the details of all the glass in your building, you'll get our fastest response possible when an emergency develops.

Stay Prepared for A Glass Emergency

Good business managers know that solid preparation is the key to any business recovery plan, and preparation is what the Advance Measurement system is all about. Soon after you call Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH to set up the system for your business, a team of specialists will visit your site and create a detailed inventory of the glass on your property. We'll measure every window and assign it a number on a custom diagram of your building.

When a window breaks, your crew just calls our specialists. We'll arrive ready to make a fast repair. You won't have to wait for us to arrive, access the situation, order the pane for replacement and then return later to do the repair. With the Advance Measurement system, you just tell us which window is broken based on the diagram number. We'll consult your custom diagram and know immediately what glass and materials to bring to your rescue.

The Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH business recovery plan has financial advantages, too. Your company will start the system with a pre-arranged line of credit so, when an emergency strikes, you and your team can focus on recovery.

Get Set Up Today

Emergencies happen when you least expect. Don't let a surprise broken window catch you unprepared. Call Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH to get a proactive start on your business recovery plan today.