Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Violent weather, unexpected accidents and even acts of vandalism can lead to broken windows and door glass. This can be a scary experience for your family, but the team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH will quickly replace or repair your shattered panes and restore the safety of your home.

Emergency Home Glass Services

Glass emergencies are never convenient. Finding a broken pane in your home can be both frightening and frustrating. Allowing windows to remain broken can cause serious safety hazards and security concerns can lead to a variety of costly issues. Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH will help you to feel safe in your home again, right away, with after-hours emergency glass care.

A specialist from our team will assist with your broken glass, day or night. If you are dealing with damaged specialty glass, this is no problem. Our team has access to a wide range of glass products and will work with you to find a permanent solution.

Emergency Board Up Services

Shattered glass can create major security issues. In some cases, special glass pieces must be ordered before a permanent repair can be made. Our emergency board-up services offer a temporary solution. Broken window and door glass can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins and damage from weather. They can also significantly lower your home's energy efficiency. Your family's safety and well-being is a top concern.

If your broken glass cannot be immediately repaired, we will provide emergency board up services. Broken glass poses additional safety risks, so one of our specialists will also clean and safely dispose of any remaining glass shards.

A broken window should not be a continuous hassle. When disaster strikes, Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH will provide a quick and efficient solution for your emergency glass problems.