Auto Glass Care

Although we are experts in all types of residential and commercial glass repair and replacement, Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH is also known for our unique auto glass repair services. We are able to repair most glass damage, such as rock chips or small cracks in about an hour. Our repair system saves customers both time and money. If your auto glass can’t be repaired and requires replacement, our glass professionals will do the job quickly and to exacting industry standards.

Windshield Repair

Having a fully intact windshield is an important safety factor that protects you during a rollover accident and even a small amount of prior windshield damage can pose an unnecessary risk. What may seem to you like a minor chip or crack can soon turn into something major during an accident. It can also spread unexpectedly and turn what could have been a quick repair job into a replacement.

Windshield Replacement

Some cases in which a chip or crack cannot be repaired properly or safely include:

  • Chips that are greater than the size of a quarter
  • The damage has occurred in close proximity to one of the windshield's edges
  • The damage is directly in the driver's line of sight
  • The chip or crack has been allowed to go untreated for so long that the dirt buildup makes a clean repair near impossible

When any of these above factors are present, a windshield replacement is necessary. You can rest assured that our windshield replacement specialists will complete any replacement quickly, courteously, and professionally. As members of the nationally recognized Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), we've been trained to employ the industry’s best practices for both materials and installation procedures.

Additional Glass Replacement

Of course, your vehicle contains other glass beside the windshield. While windshields are typically laminated glass, back and side glass are tempered glass. It's designed to break into small, dull pieces for safety and, as a result, can be replaced but not repaired. The tempered glass in your vehicle we're able to replace include:

  • Sunroof
  • Passenger windows
  • Quarter glass panels
  • Back window glass

We provide expert consultation regarding your needs and options and, as with all our services, up-front pricing provides an accurate estimate of expected charges.

Automotive Glass Protection

Every new windshield we install comes with a Windshield Protection Plan. Upgrade to the Value Package and experience our hydrophobic coating glass protectant and receive new wiper blades. Our hydrophobic protectant makes glass resistant to scratches, hard-water stains and dirt buildup.

For questions or more information regarding our auto glass repair and replacement services, call or schedule an appointment online with Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH.