Industry Glass Solutions

As the dangers of climate change and pollution grow, governments, business owners and individuals must become more sustainable. Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH provides the tools to insulate your business, taking the first step toward greater environmental responsibility. By installing insulated glass units (IGUs) on your buildings, our team reduces the energy needed to heat and cool them, minimizing the environmental impact of your daily activities. We offer commercial glass repair and upgrades on a wide variety of buildings, including:

Apartments and Condominiums

Lower your tenants' electricity bills by installing insulated glass windows in your units. Consider installing glass mirrors, shelves and patio doors in the apartments as well as glass doors and shower doors in your apartment complex's gyms, locker rooms and pool areas. Plus, if you join our Commercial Care program, all of your tenants will be entitled to a 15% discount on auto glass repair services.

apartment windows


Low-emissivity (Low-E) and tinted glass will protect your customers and the restaurant’s interior from UV radiation while reducing energy use for air conditioning. If your restaurant features a buffet, promote customers’ healthy and safety by installing a glass sneeze guard over the food. Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH also offers glass plates, atriums, sliding doors and custom mirrors to improve the decoration of your restaurant.

Schools and Universities

Whether you seek to lower students' tuition, promote campus sustainability, or soundproof dorms and study areas, our insulated glass is perfect for your school or university. We also provide protective cases for student and teacher awards, glass barriers to promote lab safety and glass desks and tabletops for ordinary classrooms. To embellish dorm rooms and make students more comfortable, consider installing glass shower enclosures, mirrors and doorways.


Display your merchandise without fear with Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH' bullet- and fire-resistant windows and cases. If you have a dressing room, let us install glass partitions and mirrors to guarantee customers' privacy and convenience. If any of your glass is broken, Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH’ commercial glass repair team makes quick repairs, keeping your store safe at all hours.

Hotels, Hostels, and Motels

No one wants to stay in a hotel with ineffective air conditioning, so use Glass Doctor's double pane windows to keep your rooms cool in the hottest of months. If your hotel has a gym or pool, install glass enclosures in the shower area; this will make the showers look beautiful while reducing cleaning costs. We also offer glass decorations, mirrors and accessories for hotel rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

Make your city government more efficient by installing insulated glass windows and doorways. This will prevent energy loss, saving government money while setting a good example for citizens. Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH also offers fire-rated glass, tempered glass and other glass products to keep citizens and officials safe, as well as remodeling services to improve the aesthetics of the building.

For regular commercial glass repair and upgrades, sign up for our Commercial Care program. As a member, you will receive priority response from our team and discounts on a variety of services. Contact Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH to learn more about making your business more sustainable.