Commercial Door Closer Repair Service for Your Business

man sitting inside a van waving and arriving to building for door closer repair service


Door closers allow you to have heavy doors on your premises for safety and aesthetic benefits. If you notice your closers are not working, rely on Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH for a commercial door closer repair.

How Do Door Closers Function?

After providing some initial resistance, closers allow heavy doors to glide open. Once the user releases pressure, the door closes on its own. Closers improve your building's fire safety by keeping rooms sealed shut. They also allow you to heat or cool a single area, reducing energy costs.

When Should You Seek Repair?

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH with any of the following problems:

  • The incorrect type of door closer: A door closer should match the weight of the door. If a closer on a heavy door lacks strong springs, you risk injury to users and may damage the door or closer over time.
  • Incorrectly installed door closers: The person who installs or adjusts a door closer must be trained and equipped with the right tools to ensure the closer lasts for its full lifespan and functions correctly. Proper installation also prevents damage to the doorframe and unexpected movements of the door.
  • Broken seals: A broken seal on your closer will leave a gap, leaving hardware exposed and sometimes causing an oil leak. Lubricant leaking can also indicate that your closer is missing a screw or that an O-ring is damaged. If any of the above is the case, one of our specialists will repair the damage and replace the oil to prevent the door from opening or closing too quickly.

Reliable Door Closer Repair Near Me

At Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH, we repair locking mechanisms to improve security and maintain your locks and closers. Rest assured that you are receiving attention from a qualified and experienced professional by choosing Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH. If you have any concerns about your door closers, contact us to arrange an onsite consultation.