Custom Mirrors

Whether you are trying to sell your home or simply want to create a more beautiful living environment for your family, nothing dresses up a room like the right custom mirror. Glass Doctor® of Columbus, OH teams have the experience to create the perfect ambiance using custom glass mirrors.

The Benefits of Mirrors

Designers use mirrors to direct light and reflect space to create a more pleasing environment. Mirrors are used to:

  • Create depth and an illusion of space
  • Enhance natural light
  • Accentuate existing decor and art work
  • Create impressive focal points

A Custom Mirror to Enhance Your Space

Mirrors that create the illusion of space and enhance light are perfect for areas of your home that would benefit from more light. Mirrored walls and backsplashes create a sense of depth in small spaces like hallways, kitchens or bathrooms. Mounted mirrors take light from your fixtures, like wall sconces and desk lamps, and reflect it back into the room, expanding its reach and creating an intimate diffuse light through your space.

Larger mirrors, like statement mirrors and bedroom mirrors draw rooms together to create a focal point. Our teams from Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH will assist you in deciding just where a statement mirror will capture the natural lights from windows to brighten up the room. Then we'll help you select just the right size and design to bring out the natural style of the space.

Glass as Art

With dozens of glass colors, types and styles there is no limit to the creativity you can apply to making your custom mirror. What's more, our expert teams can help you create custom mirror displays and shelves that will become part of your most treasured art collections. Mirrored shelves create 360-degree views of your collection, and let you create the exact number and spacing of shelves to best highlight your favorite pieces. Hanging mirrors can be used to direct the light in a room to gently illuminate and draw the eye toward your favorite larger displays.

A custom mirror itself can also become a part of your artistic decor. Framed mirrors in a variety of shapes add interest to the contours of your rooms, and create a sense of sophistication in bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, either as an entire wall or a single panel provide an excellent way to check your appearance before leaving the house or your bedroom. But, they also create a beautiful sense of openness in your entryway that leaves friends feeling welcome.

Give us a call today at Glass Doctor of Columbus, OH to start creating the perfect custom mirror to dress up your home.