Door Closer Repair Service in Carterville, IL

The good news is that the moment a customer walks through the door of your business, they start to form an impression. With the right presentation and customer service, you can make this work in your favor. However, this phenomenon can also turn into bad news pretty quickly if you don't have a functional and welcoming entrance to greet visitors. If your business has some room for improvement, call on the experts at Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL for all your commercial glass and door closer repair needs.

How Door Closers Work and Why They are Important

Typically, businesses use heavy commercial grade glass doors. Their weight adds protection, but it can also make them difficult for customers to open and operate. The right door closer eliminates this problem by providing the perfect amount of resistance. This lets the user get a feel for just how heavy the door is before it smoothly and gently glides open. Once pressure lets up, a spring activates the door closer's arm and safely returns the door to the frame. Ensuring a certain level of ease of operation not only creates a more inviting passageway but also increases safety and prevents damage.

Door Closer Repair

Sometimes door closers can simply wear out over time, but often times, the wrong closer is installed in the first place. Heavy doors require a strong door closer. The wrong combination can lead to serious safety risks and cause damage to the closer, the door, and the door frame. Starting with an imbalance leads to more misalignments, which is why it is important to have a skilled and experienced specialist install your closer in the first place.

The experts at Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL have the skills, experience and tools to properly install your door closer. This will not only maximize performance but prolong the lifespan of both the hardware and the door. Rely on our specialists to make necessary adjustments and protect your customers and your facility.

Signs that You Need Repairs

Before you notice any obvious operational problems, you may see other warning signs. Clearance gaps, broken seals and other hardware malfunctions can cause oil leaks. If you notice excess oil coming from your door closer, it is important to have a professional get to the root of the problem and restore oil to the proper level. A lack of oil can cause the door to close too quickly, which can easily result in injury.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

In addition to door closer repair services, our specialist can also complete a variety of other repair tasks. From door locks, hinges, thresholds, frames and other vital components, we can work with you to get your door back to working condition. It is important to remember that attempting any repairs yourself may void the warranty on your door. Get the job done right, avoid any injury and keep your warranty intact when you take advantage of our affordable and convenient services. Contact Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL today!