Windshield Replacement & Repair in Finger Lakes, NY

Unfortunately, having your windshield damaged is a fairly common occurrence. Sometimes the damage is minor and sometimes it is severe; knowing the difference between the two is important. If you find a chip or crack in your windshield, Glass Doctor® of Finger Lakes will recommend windshield repair or replacement. To determine what service will better suit your windshield, they consider a few factors.

  • Size: Windshields endure an enormous amount of stress when driven down the road. For this reason, even a crack as short as three inches long or a chip of a mere 3/8 inch diameter can turn into a serious problem.
  • Location: Similarly, the enormous stresses that continually buffet windshields are not evenly distributed. Chips and cracks near the edges of the glass suffer considerably more motion and therefore are more inclined to spread rapidly.
  • Timespan: Mother Nature will quickly force dirt, grime, and other debris into any chip or crack thus limiting the driver's vision and weakening the structure of the glass. Both conditions are highly problematic.

Your Options

Ignoring windshield damage is never a good idea. Instead, contact Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes today! Our auto glass specialists can guide you through the process of windshield repair and replacement. We will even file the insurance claim for you!

windsheild repair

Windshield Repair

The repair of a windshield is always preferred as it offers a host of benefits. It is far more affordable; in most instances, insurance companies will not only pay for the repair but also waive the deductible. A repair is also far more convenient than a full windshield replacement. The auto glass specialists from Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes can repair your vehicle’s windshield where it is most convenient for you in less than an hour.

Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes will start the repair process by cleaning out the chip or crack with a power drill. Once the damaged area is free of debris, a high-tech resin is injected into the chip or crack. After the resin cures, our auto glass specialists polish the repaired area to the level of the original glass.

Windshield Replacement

If a repair is not feasible, Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes will replace your vehicle’s windshield. The old windshield will be carefully removed to avoid damaging the bonding surfaces. After the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, a new windshield, matching the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) standard is installed on your vehicle with adhesives approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). After the windshield has been under observation for an hour, your vehicle will then be ready.

All windshield replacements done by Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes comes with the Windshield Protection Plan; a 12-month warranty that fully insures your new windshield from natural road hazards.

The auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes will walk you through the entire repair and replacement process. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!