Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Finger Lakes, NY

Fast emergency help for broken windows is just a phone call away when you choose Glass Doctor® of Finger Lakes to care for your glass. We offer local businesses the option of signing up for our Advance Measurement system, a great business recovery plan. Once your Canandaigua business is enrolled, you'll take comfort in knowing a team of glass experts will be on its way in minutes any time you have a problem, even in the middle of the night.

Stay Ahead of Emergencies

Immediately after you sign up for the plan, we'll send a crew to your site to implement our Advance Measurement system. We'll make careful note of all the glass on your property, recording the size, shape and type of each piece on a custom-drawn diagram of your building.

With this diagram on file we'll be able to serve you quickly in an emergency. When you call to report a problem, our team will pull your file immediately and know exactly what to pack for the trip. We'll be there in minutes and get right to work. If some of your glass is prone to frequent breaks, we'll even be sure to always have replacements on hand for your emergencies.

Peace of Mind Benefits of Preparation

Advance measurement assures you'll avoid long, costly waits for repairs in an emergency. Our professional crew will be able to access your situation even before arriving. We'll be able to get straight to work and avoid a frustrating, costly trip back across town for tools and materials.

Further still, we offer all members an option to keep panes at our shop, so the glass is on hand for future repairs. This assures your calls for repair will be a breeze. We'll solve your problem quickly and be happy to bill you later.

Companies in our recovery plan also receive special pricing and priority scheduling for even non-emergency work. So, when you're thinking about upgrades to the windows and other glass on your property, you'll find our consultants to be as helpful as in a crisis.

Don't wait for a broken window to play havoc with your company. Call Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes to enroll in our business recovery plan today.