Window Repair & Replacement in Finger Lakes, NY

When the glass at your Canandaigua home or business breaks, allow the expert specialists at Glass Doctor® of Finger Lakes come to the rescue. Our outstanding team of seasoned professionals will perform any glass installation or window repair you need conducted. Flexible scheduling ensures you will receive assistance when you need it the most. Our glass specialists also offer accurate, up-front price estimates so you'll never be caught off guard with unexpected charges.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

If a window shatters in the middle of the night, our emergency response specialists will arrive to immediately repair the window. Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes is available around the clock to offer on-site window replacement and clean up any glass shards or debris. In the case your specialty pane must be ordered, your window will be boarded up in the mean time to ensure complete safety for you and your family.

Double Pane Window Repair

When the seals of your double pane windows are compromised either by damage or old age, it's essential to have the problem resolved quickly. Broken seals cause excess condensation to build up between the panes, creating a less attractive home environment and ultimately lowering your Canandaigua home's curb appeal. Also, broken double pane window seals will cause heating or cooling costs to rise as your home has a more difficult time maintaining a climate controlled environment.

Specialty Glass Repair

Aside from replacing standard windows or glass doors, our specialists also have years of experience in the field of custom glass repair. From tabletops and patio doors to cabinets or garage door glass, Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes will work hard to accentuate your unique home decor.

Window Replacement

For Canandaigua homeowners interested in improving their home's curb appeal, replacing windows is an excellent place to start. Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes offers a wide selection of insulated glass units, or IGUs, such as double pane and triple pane window options.


Upgrading your current windows to more cutting-edge, energy-efficient options is always a sound investment. Enjoy a much more inviting indoor environment and reduce energy-costs all year long with upgrades like IGUs and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. These windows are renowned for drastically reducing a home's energy consumption while simultaneously alleviating noise pollution.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

Shield your newly installed glass from scrapes, dirt, hard water buildup, environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and more with our Hydrophobic coating glass protection. This treatment works wonders to protect a variety of surfaces including porcelain, granite and tile.


Prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your home's upholstery or furniture by applying tint to your windows. UV-resistant tints will protect your skin and keep your upholstery colorful.

Window Component Repair

Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes has the tools needed to repair virtually any malfunctioning window mechanism. If your window closes too quickly or slowly we will solve this problem. We also ensure the window open and locks smoothly.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes offers an Advantage Plan® to customers which includes many special perks, such as:

  • Reduced costs for future installations, repairs or other services
  • Prioritized scheduling
  • Completely free in-home inspection
  • Comprehensive guarantee against breakage

It's time to upgrade your Canandaigua home and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment. Contact Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes over the phone today or schedule an appointment online.