Double Pane Window Services for Finger Lakes

Including double pane windows, a type of insulated glass unit (IGUs), in your Canandaigua home will undoubtedly improve your comfort and quality of life. Glass Doctor® of Finger Lakes specializes in upgrading homes to modern window and installing them in new buildings. The secret of double pane windows performance is found in the materials and build of the type of window. The dual pieces of glass are separated by an airtight space that stops heat from penetrating the glass. This reduction in heat transfer means a more consistent temperature for your home. Additionally, the IGU reduces noise pollution.

These windows deliver top performance, but if the window seal has failed the efficiency will fail. Homeowners can detect seal failure if it has progressed to a constant presence of condensation or fog between the panes.

Affordable Window Repairs Made Easy

double pane window

In most cases, double pane window repair will not require an expensive replacement of your entire window. Our experts will usually be able to simply slip out the leaking IGU and replace it quickly. The rest of your window will remain untouched. The whole process will normally require far less time and money than you might expect, and our friendly team is ready to dispatch a crew to your home any time.

Even if you haven't yet noticed fog on your windows, we'll be happy to come take a look for potential problems. Our specialists are trained to spot the earliest signs of a leaking IGU's even before the water starts to form.

If your clear view is marred by fog these days, it's a sure bet outside temperatures are seeping in. Your home is not as insulated as it can be, and that means your family is paying more than necessary for energy costs. You are even sacrificing comfort! Call the Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes team today, and make sure you're getting the most protection from your home's double pane windows.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.