Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Finger Lakes, NY

Decorating your home with glass tabletops offers an effective way to beautify your surroundings and protect your property. Glass Doctor¨ of Finger Lakes provides professional custom glass service, generating one-of-a-kind decor accents that lengthen the life of your precious heirlooms and antiques.

Protective Advantage

Custom glass tabletops provide an operative barrier for the surfaces of your furniture, without detracting from the natural beauty or original finish. Prevent water ring stains and dirt accumulation on antique furniture, or guard your expensive writing desks, coffee tables, and conference room tables from accidental ink or beverage spills. Our custom glass tabletops reduce the risk of experiencing a disaster that could destroy the value of the piece.

Graphic of different glass edges

Professional Options

Our specialists have years of experience fabricating glass tabletops and custom glass decor designed to specifically enhance your interior home or office space. We offer a variety of professional options that give you the ability to create accent pieces that not only protect your tables but also enhance their appearance. Design options include:

  • Shapes: Whether you require simple rectangular designs or must accommodate an intricate multi-angled shape, our glass experts take detailed measurements for an exact product.
  • Thickness: High-use items or those that receive the most wear and tear benefit from stout thicknesses. However, our specialists understand load-bearing capabilities and will help guide your custom request to ensure feasibility.
  • Edging: Create a unique finished look on exposed edges by choosing from among a number of our edge profile options.
  • Tints: Enhance the protection your glass tabletop provides by selecting tints that hinder the fading power of ultra-violet (UV) light, or choose colors that coordinate with your existing design scheme.
  • Impact-resistant glass and security films: Commission safety features that reduce dangers from accidental breakage. Instead of millions of shards, security films and impact-rated glass breaks into large, safe chunks when damaged. We're able to generate original glass tabletops that offer superior protection for areas with small children or elderly occupants.

Celebrate Individuality

In addition to the decorating advantages tabletops offer, we also create custom glass shelves and similar items that enhance and enrich your living spaces. Improve both the aesthetic appeal and function of any room with custom glass shelves. They offer a unique way to display your treasured nick-knacks, artwork or sentimental items.

With the same customization options as glass tabletops, custom glass shelves allow you to arrange your living and working areas in an organized fashion. Plus, the configuration of the shelving itself presents a variety of decorating options.

To learn more about our custom glass service or to schedule your consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes today.