Window Repair & Replacement

Business or home window glass repair or replacement is fast and easy when you have Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI, working for you. Our team of glass professionals has been trained in industry-best practices; we use only the best glass and materials. We are a Berrien County business, so we understand the challenges you face every winter. With our up-front pricing, you know exactly what the glass repair or replacement you require will cost, and Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, will handle all paperwork and file it with your insurance company, too. We’re committed to saving you money while preserving your appearance.

Window Repair

24/7 Emergency Service

When there’s an emergency, day or night, Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, sends a team of first responders to quickly secure your property and protect it from additional damage due to weather or vandalism. It’s important to protect pedestrians, customers, children and pets from injury, so we remove glass shards and debris first. Once the area is clear, a specialist will complete repair or replacement service. If we do not have a pane matching your needs, we will board-up the opening. Once we are sure your business is secure, we will schedule a replacement service time that works best for you.

Double-Pane Window Repair

Our Berrien County weather extremes put additional stress on windows, making heating and cooling regulation difficult. You can see if your double-pane windows have broken seals; there will be visible condensation build-up, especially in the corners. Over time, energy loss can become expensive and the appearance of glass deterioration can jeopardize your property’s value.

Specialty Glass Restoration and Repair

Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, is local's go-to for custom glass design. We’ve helped restore and renovate many historic homes in Buchanan, Dowagiac, Niles and surrounding areas. Our specialists use decorative mirror and glass treatments to enhance homes. A variety of glass projects will benefit the overall appearance of your abode. Consider upgrading glass in your garage doors, patio furniture, cabinets, shelving and bathroom. Our custom glass solutions bring new life to your home or office interior design!

Window Replacements and Upgrades

Before you build new or begin your remodeling project, call Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI. We’ll work with your contractor or architect to choose the windows that will maximize appeal and energy savings for your home or business. In Michigan, insulated glass units (IGUs) featuring double or triple pane glass windows, are effective heat reduction fixtures. Modern panes protect interiors from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, will do an on-site assessment of your current window and glass placement. If upgrades are indicated, we’ll recommend you consider low-emissivity panes to maximize energy efficiency. Saving you money is important to our glass professionals, and preserving our ecology is a priority as well.

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

Your home is a major financial asset; it deserves every effort you can make to increase its value. Hard water, harsh weather, environmental pollutants and mineral deposits can erode and damage even the sturdiest structures! You can protect your glass and mirrors from staining and scratching with one application of our hydrophobic coating glass treatment. Our exclusive protectant shields glass, mirror, granite, tile and porcelain surfaces from dirt and grime buildup.

Glass Tinting

Tinting glass windows is often requested because it not only offers protection from harmful and damaging sun rays, but it is also attractive and can be a tasteful addition to building decor. The tinted film is a deterrent to vandalism and inclement weather; if breakage occurs, it is a shield that holds the pieces of glass together.

Difficult-to-Repair Solutions

Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, has the fix for glass windows and doors that have broken, complicated locks and locking mechanisms. We’ll tell you about your repair options for balances, sash locks and tilt latches, too.

Use Our Advantage

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Let’s discover what you need before you need it! Call Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, 269-682-0643, or fill out our online form to schedule an on-site consultation to evaluate your home or business glass and mirror options.