Advance Measurement System

Your storefront is an invitation to your customers. Don't let damaged glass mar their first impression. Make proactive glass care a part of your business plan with the Advanced Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI.

Your Proactive Glass Care System

The Advanced Measurement system creates a plan to restore any glass in your business efficiently. Our specialists first perform an audit of all the glass in your facility. They create a diagram that includes every piece of glass and any safety specifications for each piece. You'll get a diagram with the location and number of every pane. We'll keep a copy in our offices with all the details.

When Disaster Strikes

When glass breaks in your business, no matter what time, you simply pick up the phone and call Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI. From your diagram, report the number of the broken panes and we'll be on our way. For in-stock glass, we usually complete repairs in one trip and return your store to an inviting place for your customers. If your glass is not in stock, we get you cleaned up and boarded up to prevent further damage and potential harm to customers and employees. Then we'll schedule a time that works for you to complete the installation.

Stock Up To Save Time

Board-ups can be ugly, especially in high visibility spaces. Our In-stock option allows you to create a more efficient proactive glass care plan for your most vulnerable or prominent panes. You tell us which panes you're most concerned about, and we'll keep them in stock so they're ready to go when you need them.

Pre-Established Credit

There's nothing more aggravating than dealing with credit and billing questions in the middle of a crisis. As part of our Advanced Measurement system, we can pre-established credit, and set up all your contact information to let you focus on getting your business back on track.

Benefits of Proactive Glass Care

  • Save money and time: usually one trip installation
  • Safety and security: Reduces potential hazards to customers and inventory
  • Smooth operation: Keeps your business open and serving your customers
  • Inviting environment: Reducing unnecessary board-ups leaves a better first impression

Stay in control of your first impression with a proactive glass care plan. Call Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, to schedule your Advanced Measurement survey.