Custom Glass Solutions

Your home is your haven, providing you and your family both security and comfort. Implementing custom glass pieces to your home is a perfect way to blend functionality with personal style. Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI, is your one-stop source for reliable service and custom glass pieces to compliment any area of your home. Our custom glass solutions breathe new life into your interior decor and protect your furnishings from outside elements. From custom glass tabletops to energy efficient window glass units, our team of specialists is ready to transform your home with affordable, stylish upgrades.

Glass Decor for Every Home

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Custom glass tabletops will protect your furniture from spills, scratches and wear while adding a distinctive touch of class. We take the measurements during your in-home consultation to ensure proper fit and coverage. Ask our specialist about the wide selection of shapes, sizes and edge designs as well as protective options including tinted or coated glass. Specialty laminated or tempered glass may be recommended in areas where there are safety concerns. Opt to add custom shelves for visually appealing storage and display solutions for practically any space in your home. Allow our experts to show you how to transform a cluttered area into an attractive and practical arrangement.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors add depth to any room and capture light to create an illusion of space. Let our experts show you the range of mirrors we offer and how they will enhance the ambiance throughout your home. Framed mirrors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and mirrored shelves are just a few of the custom mirror products available to add excitement and character to your home. Give your bathroom, bedroom or living room a facelift with custom mirrors suited to your taste and space.

Patio and French Doors

Updating your entryways adds value and appeal to your home, and Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, has the expertise to make the process simple and affordable from planning to installation. Our specialists easily replace broken or worn door glass, and matching side window options are offered to accent the overall look of your entryway. We offer many custom glass door solutions including:

  • Energy efficient glass units
  • Regulation all-weather glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Decorative glass

Our extensive vendor network gives us access to a wide variety of designs and streamlines delivery of your custom glass pieces.

Low-E Glass Windows

Increasing energy efficiency and protecting your home’s interior are two major advantages of upgrading your windows to low-emissivity (Low-E) glass units. Low-E glass is reflective and specially designed to filter out harmful UV rays from the sun by roughly 10%. These units essentially act as a sunscreen, protecting your furnishings from sun-related wear and fading. Additionally, Low-E glass units increase the efficiency of your home, allowing natural light from outside to enter but not the heat or glare. Perfect for any residential or commercial setting, Low-E glass windows save you money while adding a layer of protection to your decor. Ask one of our specialists about upgrading to Low-E windows during an in-home consultation.

Call or click to schedule your appointment today. Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI, is ready to serve you with a range of custom glass pieces for your home or office.