Auto Glass Care

Each incident of windshield damage is unique, and although glass damage is an inconvenience, Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI aims to provide stress-free solutions. Out team of glass specialists are trained to repair and replace your auto glass. Because your safety is paramount, we use the industry’s best practices to get the job done. During the assessment we look at a few crucial factors to determine the best course of repair: size, location and timespan of the damage. Once we determine the severity of the damage, we can make the right decision for your situation. To ease the stress of the situation, we’ll navigate the insurance claim process for you and fill out the appropriate.

Windshield Care

The structural integrity of your auto glass plays an essential role in the safety of your vehicle. When the windshield is compromised, so is the safety system of your vehicle. Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI carefully assesses each crack, chip and ding, and will choose windshield repair rather than replacement whenever we can. If you’ve left your crack for an extended period of time, or it is larger and ill-placed, replacement may be the only route.

Auto Glass Replacement

Our glass specialists use a careful process to avoid damaging your vehicle when completing auto glass replacement, which can lead to further problems. We’ll select auto glass that matches the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE). We follow the guidelines of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) to make the best repairs. We follow all recommendations set forth by the AGSC to make sure you’re vehicle has had time to cure.

Auto Glass Protection

At the time of replacement, our glass specialist will walk you through our exclusive guarantee options. It states if your new windshield sustains chips or cracks, we’ll repair them for free for a period of 12 months. You’ll also be covered for one replacement during that time.

Ask our specialist to apply a hydrophobic coating glass protectant to your new panes. The glass treatment shields your panes from suffering stains, scratches and dirt accumulation, while simultaneously protecting them against environmental pollutants and weathering.

It’s important the right decision is made to repair or replace your auto glass. Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI believes in taking all the correct steps to restore your vehicle. Let our team of experts get you back on the road with the clarity and security you deserve when driving.