Industry Glass Solutions

Managers and business owners struggle to attract new clients, lower operating costs and reduce their company’s environmental impact. Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI has the resources you need to achieve all of these goals at once. To help business customers save time and money, we created the Commercial Care program. Commercial Care customers receive a discount of 15% on all their auto glass care services as well as a special account that guarantees priority access to our repair team and a wide range of savings.

Commercial Glass Care and Repair

Condos and Apartments

Improve life for your tenants by outfitting their abodes with a wide variety of functional and decorative glass products. In addition to doors, windows and furniture for their apartments, we also offer mirrors and shower doors for community pools and gyms. Besides installing and repairing glass products on site, we will also upgrade them, replacing traditional panes with new products that save energy, reduce UV exposure and prevent the glass from breaking. If you become a Commercial Care customer, all your tenants will be eligible for our auto glass discount.

apartment windows

Food Service

Hygiene is crucial for success in the restaurant industry. We provide a wide range of sneeze guards and food displays for restaurants, allowing you to show your food off to customers without exposing it to germs. We also offer glasses, plates, tables and drive-thru windows to make your business more convenient. For ambiance, consider installing stained glass windows or indoor atriums; these are available in tinted glass if you wish to give the interior a unique color. When installing new glass, we take care to complement rather than disrupt the restaurant's original appearance.

Schools and Colleges

Give your students a love for learning with quality glass equipment. We offer observation windows and other equipment to streamline science classes, as well as glass trophy cases to honor star students and teachers. To keep your students safe, consider upgrading your glass products with fire-resistant or laminated glass. We also offer windows, doors and furniture for dorm rooms. Add glass shower doors and custom mirrors to school gyms and bathrooms.

Retail Shops

Bring in new customers with beautiful storefront windows and display cases. Our insulated glass products will make your business more efficient, lowering your costs and saving the environment. If safety is a concern, we install bulletproof, fire-resistant, tempered and laminated glass products. Consider adding custom mirrors and glass doors to dressing rooms to create a more convenient and luxurious experience for customers. Ask our team to about our variety of decorative options that will go great with your wares.

Hotels and Motels

When customers remember their vacations, cleanliness counts, so make their rooms easy to clean with our glass shower doors, windows, mirrors and furnishings. We also provide doors and furnishings for hotel pools, gyms and locker rooms. Our specialists will ensure your guests enjoy their stay with the comfort and convenience only modern glass windows and decor delivers.

City Buildings

We invite city officials to create Commercial Care accounts for public buildings. Set a good example for your city by saving the environment with our double pane windows and doors. We will also help you decorate your buildings, giving citizens a sense of pride in their city. We provide services on new and old buildings that need to be remodeled.