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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Even with latest composite or state-of-the-art window materials on the market, vinyl replacement windows are still the #1 choice among discerning window replacement customers. So what makes vinyl window so popular? For one, they're attractive with a certain neat-and-clean look that can hardly be equalled or surpassed by any other window material.

Picture of a vinyl replacement window

Here are some other reasons why vinyl windows are so popular:

  • Energy-savings. Vinyl doesn't conduct heat or cold very well, making it more of an insulator, which means your heater and air conditioning won't be overworked. Energy savings is an especially important feature, when you combine it with vinyl's low installation and purchasing costs. You save money on installing the windows and increasing the value of your home, as well as spending less on energy bills each month.
  • Damage resistance. Vinyl maintains its neat-and-clean look even through damage and severe weather. Through scorching summers and bone chilling winters, vinyl windows won't fade, warp or wear out. They maintain their look and use in spite of adverse conditions.
  • Increased value. Older homes get a cosmetic boost from vinyl window replacement, which in turn boosts the home's re-sale value. Potential homebuyers will pay more for a house that looks great.
  • More Security. A little known fact about vinyl is its strength. Unlike aluminum or wood window frames, vinyl is very difficult to crack open. Other material can be easily pried or broken off the window. 
  • Affordable. Despite their elegant and upscale look, vinyl window material is quite affordable — as in, vinyl material is relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain. 

These are things to keep in mind if interested in replacing your windows. For a FREE estimate and consultation on vinyl replacement windows or any other window material type, call Glass Doctor of Brookhaven at 601-990-2791. Our professional and courteous office staff is always here to handle your questions and point you in the right direction.