Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Transform any space in your home or business from simple to elegant with custom glass tabletops and custom shelving. Glass tabletops are an ideal solution for preserving your home decor, while custom shelving options offer incomparable utility. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven offer years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining custom glass decor pieces. 

Custom Glass Tabletops

If you are new to custom tabletops, the professionals at Glass Doctor of Brookhaven offer decades of experience measuring and creating dynamic custom glass pieces for existing and new furniture. During our on-site consultation, we explain several options, such as edge work detail, glass tint and thickness options. We'll also review safety issues commonly associated with heavier glass. 

Glass Tabletops Uses

Custom glass tabletops are used for a wide array of purposes and are only limited by your imagination. In addition to adding an excellent blend of beauty and functionality to any space, glass placed on top of wood tables protects it from scratches and water stains. At the same time, it infuses an appealing shine to relatively dull wood furniture. Glass tabletops are one of the best ways to invigorate new life into older or new wooden furniture pieces. 

Custom Options

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass tables are available in an endless variety of styles, shapes and sizes to match every imaginable personality. One excellent way to customize your glass is to change the base out for something more dynamic, and cut the glass surface to match the new base. With custom glass from Glass Doctor of Brookhaven, the possibilities are endless! 

Custom Glass Offers Protection

One of the most little known benefits of custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor of Brookhaven is protection.

Tinted Glass

When you use tinted glass on your custom pieces, it helps to block harmful UV rays from fading your furniture, carpets, draperies and other home decor over time.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is ideal for your outdoor furniture, such as poolside pieces and patio tables. We create custom laminated and tempered safety glass specifically designed to protect pets, children and adults from the dangers of broken glass. Safety glass is also commonly used for shower doors.

Custom Shelving

When it comes to getting the most bang and space for your buck, custom shelves are second to none. At the same time, custom shelving is highly functional and adds an elegant flair to any space in your home or business.

Incomparable Appeal

Custom shelving from Glass Doctor of Brookhaven is available in a wide array of options. With custom shelving, you can infuse a space with an eye-catching glass shelf configuration that does wonders for your home decor.

Superior Function

While other shelves are restricted by design, custom shelving is the ideal solution for any space. The specialists at Glass Doctor will assist you and provide expert advice on designing perfect shelves for any room. A few of the top considerations are:

Distance Between Shelves: It's vital to consider the number of shelves and the distance between these shelves to avoid having items that are too large or tall to fit onto the shelves. It's also important to consider the number of shelves to avoid it from overpowering the room.

Design and Style: The specialists at Glass Doctor of Brookhaven will demonstrate how to use the proper design techniques to bolster the ambiance of the space. In addition, we offer multiple tinting, glass and color options to match your personal style and needs.

Configuration and Height: The height and configuration of the custom shelving must be considered to avoid wasting space.

Instead of settling for store-bought shelving, contact Glass Doctor of Brookhaven for a consultation to discuss your custom glass shelving plans.