Door Closer Repair Service

Doors play a significant role in your business. Not only are they the first impression of your shop, but they also act as an entrance and exit to your space. A door that’s not working properly poses several challenges. They can create safety issues, disrupt a controlled climate and become a source of frustration. Rather than let your door be a barrier to a business that runs smoothly, contact our specialists at Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven so we can get your door closer operating the way it should.

The Function of Door Closers

Door closers are meant to do part of the job for people using them. When a door is opened, a person passes through and allows the door to fall shut smoothly, settling back into place. The components of a door closer include a spring and arm; when properly installed, a user feels a slight resistance as the door is opened. It should easily swing back into the frame as soon as the user lets go of the door.

When Door Closers Require Repair

There are a few issues that can cause problems with door closers requiring door closer repair.

  • Incorrect Door Closer: The door closer should match the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the stronger the spring should be.
  • Incorrect Spring Adjustment: A spring that is not installed or adjusted correctly will pose safety hazards. A specialist familiar with door closers can ensure springs are adjusted correctly, maximizing their lifespan and optimizing their efficiency.
  • Seals and Oil: Broken seals, oil leaks, missing screws and broken O-rings are all potential problems. A professional can make sure everything is in good repair and that the oil levels are correct.

Door Closer Repair

A door closer in need of repair can do a lot of damage. They can cause doorframe damage, unexpected or problematic movements of the door, misalignment or an inability to lock the door. These issues affect safety and security. Our specialists as Glass Doctor of Brookhaven are trained to install, maintain and repair door closers. We take our customer’s business seriously, and we want to make sure your door is working properly so you can focus on day-to-day operations. By choosing professional services you’ll avoid potentially costly mistakes or frequent problems. Call our team today to find out how we’ll keep your door closer in top shape, extending its life. Our maintenance program makes it even easier. Glass Doctor of Brookhaven is the answer to all your door closer and glass needs.