Custom Cut Glass

Your home should be as unique as your family, and custom glass decor is a great way to make that happen. At Glass Doctor® of Bemidji, we give every glass specialist the tools and training they need to perfect your custom glass installations.

Glass Decor Designs for Every Home

Glass Tables and Shelves

Glass tabletops are effective ways to protect antique furniture or modernize your dining room. At Glass Doctor of Bemidji, we will help you transform your indoor surfaces with custom glass decor that fits your exact dimensions and style preferences. Custom glass shelves are available with a wide variety of finishes, tints, shapes and edges. We will install them in existing shelving units or stagger them across your living room wall.

We also create custom glass tabletops for outdoor patio sets, complete with custom table shapes and umbrella holes. Whether you want to transform your kitchen table with custom glass or fix an outdoor dining set with a cracked surface, we have the one-of-a-kind glass solutions you need.

Custom Door Glass

Glass Doctor of Bemidji specialists install, repair, and replace custom glass decor for your sliding and swinging doors. Work with our glass specialists to commission one-of-kind decorative glass for your front door, and we will make sure your replacement glass complements your side window panes. We also encourage local homeowners to invest in shatter-proof, laminated panes for their sliding patio doors. Protect your family and increase your property value with an upgrade to custom door glass.

Custom Glass Mirrors

Distribute more sunlight through your home with a custom glass mirror that reflects rays into dark corners. Our custom glass mirrors are easy to personalize with custom etching and edges, and they make it easier to showcase the rest of your decor.

Energy-Efficient Windows

If your window glass lets in hot, bright UV light during peak daylight hours, you probably pay a premium for this daily energy waste. Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows could be the solution you need to lower your costs and protect your furnishings. These eco-friendly windows feature thin, metallic coatings that reduce glare and harmful UV rays.

Glass Doctor of Bemidji also offers insulated glass units (IGUs) that provide more than one layer of protection. Our IGUs include moisture-absorbing spacers and gas fillers that prevent temperature exchange and moisture buildup. Your window openings should be completely sealed against outdoor elements, and our IGU upgrades make that possible.

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