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Advance Measurement System

Protect your organization from the complications of broken glass. Set up a business recovery plan that includes emergency glass repairs. When you enroll in our Advance Measurement system, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Bemidji are aware of your glass needs ahead of time and are ready to repair your panes on short notice.

Our Advance Measurement System Works

Our specialists will come to your business to create a diagram of the glass used in windows, doors and decor. We note the size, shape and safety features, assigning each pane a number. You will keep a copy of this diagram. Should you suffer any breakage, simply call Glass Doctor of Bemidji. We have the necessary information prior to our arrival, so we bring the correct new glass if we have a pane in stock or materials for a board-up.

Our business recovery plan means greater productivity, reduced liabilities, enhanced security and a better image for your company. Plus, members of the program can provide us with their credit and contact information for a faster billing process.

In-Stock Program

If you are concerned a board-up would affect the appearance of your business, sign up for our in-stock program. We will keep the glass you may need in stock at all times, meaning we will always be ready to fit a permanent solution on the first trip.

Start taking advantage of our Advance Measurement system and in-stock program today. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Bemidji for more information about our business recovery plan.