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Double Pane Window Repair

In the battle against outdoor temperatures and disturbances, windows are your home’s most important defense. Well-insulated windows efficiently seal the interior off from external forces, but old or worn down windows leave your home vulnerable. Poor insulation lets warm air into your house during the summer and cold air in during the winter, making climate control more difficult, more expensive, and more harmful to the environment.

Glass Doctor® of Bemidji offers advanced insulated glass products to keep your home as secure as possible. Our double pane windows block both sound and temperatures, preserving the integrity of your home's interior. If the seal on your windows breaks, our double pane window repair team can restore the panes to working order.

Double Pane Window Benefits

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The most common source of poor insulation is moisture penetration. If water gets into the interior of your windows, it will conduct heat in or out of your house, compromising climate control. Double pane windows are specially designed to ward off moisture and reduce heat transfer. As their name implies, these units consist of two panes on either side of a spacer, which is made of absorbent substances known as desiccants. The spacer dries up any moisture that gets into your window, minimizing the potential for heat transfer.

Besides drying up your window's interior, double pane units are also designed to prevent moisture from entering in the first place. Glass Doctor of Bemidji applies a high-quality sealant to the perimeter of the window, blocking off any openings for moisture. We also fill the airspace between the panes with inert gasses, further reducing the space that can hold water.

Although double pane windows provide quality protection for years, they do wear down over time, requiring specialized double pane window repair. If your windows turn a milky color or you notice condensation on the inner panes, the seal is probably broken. When this happens, contact Glass Doctor for immediate double pane window repair work.

Secure Sound Proofing

Double pane windows save not only electricity and the earth, but also peace of mind. Traditional windowpanes must be very thick if you want to sound-proof your house, but thick panes are expensive, difficult to install and dangerous. With double pane windows, you can soundproof your home just as effectively but without using thicker windows. The spacers between the panes are designed to reflect outdoor sounds away from your home. To reinforce these spacers, you can install windows made from acoustic glass panes, or you can use triple-pane windows containing three panes and two spacers.

Rapid, Reliable Window Replacement

The heavier the damage to your windows, the less likely it is that we will be able to replace them. If your windowpanes are beyond redemption, Glass Doctor of Bemidji will clean up the glass free of charge and install new panes. This process usually takes a few hours, but if your window is made of specialized glass or contains unique designs, we may have to special-order the new panes, delaying replacement by a few days. When this happens, we'll board up the window space and update you on when the new panes will arrive. For faster replacements, consider purchasing one of our recovery plans.

To restore your home’s energy efficiency, call or schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Bemidji.

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