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Shower Door Installation

Your shower and bathtub are the most important part of your bathroom and are the essential focal points of any bathroom facelift. Upgrading to beautiful, luxurious glass shower doors will take your bathroom to the next level. Crafted, luminescent glass shower doors not only rejuvenate your bathroom, they brighten and add value to it. Welcome the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Bemidji into your home to help you spearhead this essential project. The craftsmen at Glass Doctor of Bemidji take their work seriously and will work to create your ideal bathroom for you.

Beginning your Shower Installation Project

Our specialists will guide you through the process of revamping your bathroom, starting with the following considerations:

Maximum weight: Before you begin your remodel, it’s important to consider what’s possible given the current physical realities of your bathroom. Examine your bathroom and determine the location of your support studs and the materials that comprise your walls in order to assess the maximum glass weight your bathroom will support.

Dimensions: To avoid any confusion or errors in measurement, trust only a professional from Glass Doctor of Bemidji to come assess the exact size of your shower. The specialists will take into consideration not only the size of your shower, but also the swing range of the open shower door to help make sure your bathroom flows well and never feels cramped.

Shower heads: Consider the distance from the shower head to the opening of the shower and pick a shower head that will not leave your floor wet after each use.  Some factors to consider are size of the shower head and adjustability.

Ventilation: The specialists at Glass Doctor of Bemidji will assess your existing ventilation. An in-depth ventilation analysis will help prevent the damage that moisture accumulation can wreck on a home and the health problems that come from mold and mildew.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

The Glass Doctor of Bemidji knows that there are tons of door options out there and aesthetics appeal is important; we want you to love your new bathroom! Consider our collected resources to help you make this important decision.

  • Shower Door Gallery: Peruse our successful framed and frameless shower door installation projects and find inspiration for your remodel.
  • Shower Door Accessories: Beyond plain panes, glass designs can add personality to your new shower door and allow you to express your interests and passions through motifs and tints designed for the individual. Glass Doctor of Bemidji only works with professional glass suppliers to ensure your vision becomes a reality.
  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Find inspiration here and develop your vision for your entire bathroom.
  • Ordering and Installation: After you’ve made all the important decisions and consulted with our experts, your new glass shower doors can be installed in just 24-hours!
  • Vendors: Our suppliers will help make your vision become a reality.
  • Clear Choice Protectant: Protect your investment against damage with Clear Choice, which helps your glass stay as pristine as the day it was installed.

Custom Tub Enclosures

Like our glass shower doors, our custom tub enclosures create a spa environment right in your home. Replace your frustrating, mildewed shower curtain with beautiful glass enclosures to create a private oasis for a luxurious bath in the comfort of your bathroom.

Ready to get started? Turn your dream of a luxurious bathroom into a reality. Schedule your appointment today!