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Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are an easy way to enhance any room in your home without the expense and disruption of a complete remodel. They are a powerful decorating element that makes your home more functional and attractive while reflecting your unique style. Custom mirrors come in almost any tint, shape and edging imaginable. From ornate to sleek and modern, Glass Doctor® of Bemidji will create mirrors that elevate your home’s decor to the extraordinary.

Our trained specialists are able to design, cut and install almost any mirror or glass surface you imagine. We’ll work with you to create a custom mirror to perfectly complement and enhance your decor. We’ll also make sure that your walls will support its weight and that the piece is safely installed.

Mirrors in Home Design

Our custom mirrors will help you solve a wide variety of design issues:

  • Brightening a room by reflecting natural or artificial light
  • Reflecting and drawing attention to objects such as artwork or interesting architectural features of your home
  • Making a large piece of furniture take up less visual space
  • Creating a general feeling of increased openness
  • Adding artistic accents to a otherwise bare wall
  • Providing a practical place to check your look, head-to-toe

Popular Mirror Options

Leaning mirrors: These large mirrors aren’t hung on a wall; instead, they’re placed on the floor and leaned against the wall. They are ideal in corners, with a spotlight behind them to create a beautiful glow. They can also be easily moved wherever and whenever you’d like to try different looks.

Mirrored closet doors: Covering your closet doors with mirrors instantly makes a small bedroom seem much larger.

Framed mirrors: As a singular statement piece or as part of a group, framed mirrors add polish to any room.

Above or in a fireplace: A mirror in the back of a fireplace helps turn what’s often a dark void of empty space into a bright spot. Electric candles placed in front create a beautiful display of light. A large mirror above the fireplace also makes an impressive statement.

Mirrored furniture: Mirrors enhance almost any piece of furniture, from a coffee table to a chest of drawers to the center of a dining room table. A large piece of furniture takes up much less visual space when it’s mirrored. And a “runner” mirror on a dining room table is the perfect spot on which to place candles or flowers.

Mirrored backsplashes: Mirrors as a backsplash add light and depth to a kitchen, while making a unique design statement.

Mirrored shelves: These shelves will open up your display cases and put the emphasis where it belongs, on pieces of artwork or collectibles that you’d like to highlight.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: In a bedroom, home gym or entryway, these mirrors make it easy to check your look before heading out the door.

To find out more about the impact custom mirrors will have on your home, make an appointment with Glass Doctor of Bemidji. Our specialists will be happy to come to your home at your convenience and help you design the perfect mirrors for your decor.